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Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Ideas {One Year Old}

If you have not seen this yet you must go check out their website.
It's a big mat that kids can color and draw on.
Get this...
all while using a pen with water as the ink!
So it's messy free!!

If you have an iphone or ipod this is the perfect accessory for your child.
You slip your iphone/ipod into the center ring that is covered by a thin film and the home button is covered.
So they can play a game or watch a video without the screen getting nasty or them keep hitting the home button.
C is a known for pressing the home button then getting angry why is movie went away.
We cant wait for Santa to put this baby under the tree to make our lives so much easier.

Santa just thought this was a cute little snuggly blanket.

C is obsessed (to say the least) with Elmo.
So hopefully he can learn his shapes and colors all while hanging out with Elmo.
The coolest dude their is.

You know, because every little boy needs a dump truck.

The letters are magnets that you can put up on your fridge for your little one to play with while you are cooking dinner and wwwaaaahhhla they are learning their phonics while playing and being supervised.

Because lets face it moms. We need to start this potty traning sooner then we really want to and to get our kids a head start on this process might make it easier on us. So Santa is giving it a whirl.
 Hopefully C will pick up on Pirate Potty's tricks. 

Oh Santa what were you thinking when you made this?
C will surely love it.
Mom and Dad not so much.


Shannon Dew said...

Perfect!! I so needed this!

Anne said...

Great post! Giving me inspiration for my godson:)

Ashley Slater said...

great great ideas!!!!

the workaholic momma said...

Such great ideas...thanks SO much for sharing!!! I LOVE the Aquadoodle and the ican play iphone case - we totally need those in our house!!! And Elmo...Addie is obsessed with him too - something about him she just loves!!!

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

lg2006 said...

I just got Peebs an aquadoodle for Christmas from a consignment sale! I hope it works as cool as it seems! ha