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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Let's Celebrate One at a Time

I love Christmas, don't get me wrong.
Obviously with my two Christmas posts this week I have a slight obsession with Christmas.
However, lets freaking celebrate one holiday at a time ya'll.
Whatever happened to celebrating THANKSGIVING.

Thanksgiving should be about being THANKFUL for the people in your life.
It seems like society and stores want us to completely overlook all this
and make it all about Christmas and THINGS.
By putting up the Christmas tree and decor in the stores so early it
makes you jaded come Christmas and forget the real meaning of it.
You know about the birth of JESUS.
That's the real meaning of Christmas.
Not getting THINGS.
THINGS that you can't take with you to heaven.

So, I, Cheryl will not be jaded this year.
I will remember the real meaning of Christmas.
I will not put up my tree until AFTER THANKSGIVING.
Even though I am crazy tempted to right now.
No Christmas music will be played until AFTER THANKSGIVING.
Now, I might not be able to resist some apple cider or peppermint anything.
But I think I'm doing pretty good with all the other stuff.

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