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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh LOFT you let me down

As most of you know I am a HUGE fan of Ann Taylor.
Especially Ann Taylor LOFT.

Not sure if you knew or not but LOFT was having a huge sale this past weekend.
Like a Black Friday type of amazing sale.

I normally can only get stuff done on the weekends when C goes down for his nap.
You know the drill.
So the hubs is home watching whatever sports junk on TV while I run to the mall.
 I have about an hour and a half maybe 2 hours and that is big time stretching it.
So no messing around at the mall, in and out and make it fast.
I am going sspecifically for this LOFT sale.
I get there right when the mall opens at 10:00 AM and make a bee line right for LOFT.
Well they aren't open.
Which I am kinda annoyed.
But I just figured that the person opening the store was running a big late.
So hop on over to Forever21 and $40 later I'm out with 2 new dresses and some fun earrings.
Make my way back down to LOFT and its still close.
Ummm are you serious?
By this time its around 10:30-10:45ish.
So I run into Gap Kids, Gap, and a couple of other stores figuring they would be open any minute.
I head back down and they are still CLOSED!
It is now about 11:15ish and I'm getting very annoyed.
I peruse the cell phone cases because I need one so my reckless toddler doesn't destroy my life phone.
So another $40.00 .
Head back down for like the 5th time and they are STILL F-ING CLOSED!
I am on a time frame here peeps what is the deal?
I came to spend money just at LOFT and have spent about $80.00 at other stores.
Your lost LOFT.
But I still want in.
I want in on the sale.
I see all your pretties in the window but cant in.
So I got to customer service and ask what the deal is.
They give me some load of garbage but said they should be there any minute.
I go back and post up outside LOFT and wait, and wait and wait.
I had to run back home before I got the "where are you" call from the hubs "the baby is up".
I finally left at 11:45 with no LOFT sale.
I was fuming mad.

I tweeted about it, tweeted directly to Ann Taylor but no response.
Not cool Ann Taylor.
Not good customer service.

Luckily the hubs had some errands to run around the mall and I talked him into letting me run into LOFT.
They were open.
Freaking finally.
At 2:30 they better be open.
I rushed around and grabbed some items threw them on in the dressing room and rushed to the check out counter.
Where again I am waiting. Waiting for someone to acknowledge me.
Are you serious LOFT?!
Someone finally comes up and I simply ask "so are you guys going to have any perks for the people who waited 2 hours for your store to open this morning?" And she oh so kindly responds "no mam were not but you are still getting 40% off your purchase today"
I said a brief little remark under my breath.
Great, fantastic, that's what I came here for at 10AM and no one was here and I'm not getting anything for my time being wasted??!!

So, LOFT you let me down big time.
Actually the whole Ann Taylor company did.
You can't have customer service like that and not expect it to get out.
Please fix this.
And a nice little perk for me waiting 2 hours would be nice too.


the workaholic momma said...

Oh my - what a total disaster!!! I am a huge ATL fan too but 2 hours...and not so much as even an employee discount - poor, poor, poor!!!

natasha {schue love} said...

Oh how frustrating! That's unbelievable that they weren't open on time! I would have called corporate right then and there and submitted a formal complaint. You can still write a letter and they are usually very responsive that way. I'm so sorry!

lg2006 said...

That is INFURIATING! You need to write them a letter. How can they get by with not opening on time?! Someone should be getting the ax for that. Glad you got to go back that afternoon! We need pics of all your purchases!