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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Seriously Thursday {Link Up}

It's Seriously Thursday over @

And here we gooooo...

1. Did we seriously dress C up in this...

Yes, yes we did.
I was busy wrapping Christmas presents.
Yeah, I know and I am almost done :)
Don't hate.
And I was wrapping up my sweet counsins tutu we got her and thought..."wouldn't C looks so darn cute in this"
First the hubs thought I was nuts than he gave in.
C hated it obviously.

2. I bought C a potty book!

I am ready to get this show on the road.
Get outta those diapers and into some big boy undies.
First up is the book.
Ill keep you posted how this whole potty thing goes.
Im ready.

3. You cant be serious that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!
I have to make a brocolli casserole along but that delicious butter cake.
Not sure when I will have the time to do this but gotta get it done.
Hopefully the hubs and I dont eat the butter cake on the way to Thanksgiving.
Its a 2 hour drive and we are both obsessed wtih that cake!

4. On the serious, if I have to hear one more excuse about how we cant hang out I think im going to throw in the towel. No Im not but its getting old.
 See my post tomorrow.

5. My mom and I hit up Ann Taylor and the LOFT hardcore last Friday and when they were having their 40% off everything. I seriously might just have to do some OOTN posts to show off my new purchases.

6. I am getting super excited for Blissdom I cant wait for February.
I think we are going to have a kick a*s room! 

Go link up over at Seriously Thursday


the workaholic momma said...

HA! I die over the pic of C in the tutu...he clearly knows its not his style:) I can't wait to see your LOFT their stuff!!!

Have a safe trip to your Turkey Day destination:)

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Haha. I love the tutu picture! If we had one in the house, I'd probably have done the same thing!

Amanda T said...

HAHA! The tutu picture! Blackmail.. lol. Elmo also has a Potty time DVD movie that is awesome!