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Monday, November 21, 2011

To Go

As you know I work full time.
So once I get home all I really want to do is just sit down and play with my sweet face and have some wine.
I don't want to cook dinner.
No thanks.

So needless to say I love To Go food!
Love by meaning I could eat out every single day of the week if I could.
And if the hubs would go with it.
Not realistic and not the healthiest but I am freaking exhausted by the time I get home.

Pei Wei is one of our favorites.
To be exact it is my husbands must have Sunday dinner.
We get it every single Sunday.

If you have never heard of Pei Wie its a "fast food" PF Changs.
And its freaking delicious!

Our favs are the Kung Pow Chicken, Pad Tai and Lettuce Wraps.
But everything on the menu is outstanding.
If you like spicy ask for the Chili Paste.
It packs a nice kick.
Oh and its paired lovely with a red wine.
But I think I say that about anything.

My other fav is Moe's
Of course because its Mexican!

The meals come with chips and salsa!
It's Moe Mondays and for $5.99 you get a meal with chips and a drink.
All the ingredients are fresh and its somewhat of a healthy meal.
Until you start adding the gobs of melty queso.

I was addicted to their burritos when I was pregnant and the addiction has NOT STOPPED.
It's bad.
I think about their burritos practically every day.
I think they put drugs in their burritos.
I am shocked that C didn't come out as a little burrito I ate so many...seriously.

BBQ is where its at (besides Mexican food that is)
Sonny's has a drive thru.
Mama doesn't even have to get out of her car after a longs day at work.

I have never ever had a bad meal there.
There sauces are drinkalicious!
I would drink the sauce if it was socially acceptable.

I swear I live at my job and Publix.
When I want a quick meal I grab their subs.

With tons of cheese and jalapenos.
Mama likes it hot!

So where do you like to grab a quick bite for your family?
I need some new suggestions...

1 comment:

Amanda T said...

I love Moes!! :) Usually, for fast food we go to Qdoba (our version of Chipolte), McCallisters Deli, Subway, or Panera. I really really wish we had a Pei Wei!! You had me at fast food PF Changs. lol. Now.. I'm hungry. haha.