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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh How Pinterest-ing {Link Up}

Today I am of course linking up with The Vintage Apple for...
this is one of my fav link ups.
This week I have chosen a few fashion drawings I am loving.
There is something about a fashion drawing that I just love.
I would love to have a giant closet filled with just clothes, shoes, accessories and wall to wall framed fashion drawings.
A girl can dream right?

I find Ashley Brooke's creations so fun and creative.

This is her taken on Eva Longoria.
Beautiful huh?!

Or how about my girl LC.
If I could have any celebrity hair I think I want hers.
How does she get it to look so dang amazing every single time?
I just don't get it.
I want.

Or how about some Brittany Fuson.

She takes runway looks and makes drawings out of them and makes them her own.

All of her stuff is so adorable and with a bit of a fun girl whim.

Her maternity line is so cute you should check that out too.

This pic is neither Ashley Brooke nor Brittany Fuson but I just love it.
The business woman on the go.


ACW said...

Cute pins & you, hands-down, have the cutest blog name I have ever heard!

alyssa said...

love these sketches, totally saving them for my own pinterest!


Renee Arianna said...

I love Brittany Fuson's work! It's so pretty!