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Thursday, December 8, 2011

What's In A Name?

Do you guys have nicknames for your little sweet faces?
Please say yes, because if you don't then the hubs and I are going to look like total complete weirdos.
Because here is a rundown list of all the crazy nicknames we have for C, or at least the ones I can think of as or right now...

1. Binks
2. Mr. Binks.
3. Binky.
4. Binky Bottom
5. Sweet Face
6. C.
7. Colbs
8. CJ
9. Peter Boy (he likes to run around naked after his baths)
10. Lover Boy

Wheeeww, is this ridiculous or what?
I dont think we actually call him by his real name.
I mean ever.
Hopefully this will not become a problem for him in the future..??

Why do we feel like we have to have all these nicknames for our children??
Its weird I tell ya.
But I secretly love it!!

1 comment:

Kate @ Daffodils said...

haha this made me smile- my husband and I are fairly certain of youngest is going to think his name is "brother" or "bubba" and will never respond to Bennett since we rarely call him that!