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Monday, December 5, 2011

You Are My Sunshine

I have decided to create a family blog.
Most of my family, friends and co-workers do not know about this blog.
I like to keep her to myself.
She is my little secret.

I do like to blog and feel like the best way to keep our family and friends updated on whats going on with the E's, I decided to make You Are My Sunshine.
Now, I can put up new pics of C and tell them the latest on him.
Now, I know you guys like hearing about my little guy but I don't think you want to read
every single post about him.
You know, like him not ever...the dinner battles
Him deciding to get in the ornament box and throw out some ornaments and watch them bouncy bounce bounce on our title floor.
Deciding he is going to scream "Mama and Dadda" from his crib now to get our attention.
Thrashing around while changing his diaper, its like wresting a dang alligator I tell ya.
His new love for Thomas the Train.
And just his sweet little face in general.
You know, the norm.

The talented Jess over at Diamond Doll Design whipped up this amazing design for my blog.
If you are looking for a face lift for your blog make sure you contact her.
She was super speedy and great to work with.

So join me over at You Are My Sunshine.
It will be a lot different than Nap Time but I am sure you are gonna love it.


Erin said...

The new blog is too cute! Jess did such a great job on the design! I'm your first follower :)

chelsea said...

Love the new blog design. Will be fun!