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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend in Pics

Warning Picture Overload!

The E family went to St. Augustine for the Memorial Day Weekend.
And we had a great time.
We went with two other couples and there kids.
Aren't they such pretty girls and there kids are the cutest!

Here are all three girls and there babies.
From left to right there is baby A who is 6 months old (she is so adorable and so good) and then me and C and another C who is 2.

Beach Time!
The beach was beautiful and the water was oh so blue.
C did not like the beach. He had the grip of death! He would not let us go. We had to peel him off of us.

This picture of C and his daddy just melts my heart. C was just jabbering away at his daddy.
I think he was telling him that he was not having this beach thing and get his booty back up to dry land.

Awww I just love this little sweet face!!!

As you can see here....Not having it!
His bottom lip was out, tucked under and just quivering away.

Ahhh much better.
On dry ground back near the AC.
He is def my child.
Mama loves the AC.

The beach was litterally right there.
We sat out on the porch a lot because the view was just so amazing.
C seemed to like to look at the beach from a far....very a far.

And what do you know, he wasnt having the pool either.
Poor baby.
He is going to have to get used to this pool thing since we live in Florida.
I lived in the pool as a kid and I am sure he will too.

We went into town and tried out his new Maclaren umbrella stroller.
He seemed to like his new ride.
He even took a nap while we had some snacks and drinks.

Daddy and C again.
They both love each other so much!

We went back down to the beach right before all the babies were going to go to sleep.
It was much cooler.

And mommy and C.

The sun was right in his eyes so he wouldnt look at the camera.

We had a great time and cant wait to do it again next year.
It will be crazy to see him walking all around this time next year.
He will really be into everything by then.

What did you guys do for Memorial Day Weekend?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mystic Tan

I love to Mystic! I think it gives off such a great natural looking color and is heck of a lot better for your skin than those big bad sun rays. DO NOT GO TO THE TANNING BEDS LADIES!

Watch the video tutorial and see for yourself how great the Mystic is and then run to your nearest tanning salon to get get your tan on for the memorial day weekend. I promise you that you will not turn out looking like the cast of Jersey Shore.

Here is a pic of my tan feet and pretty bright toe toes all ready for the beach this weekend.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Semi Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Shutterfly photobook is...

Email me girl and I'll give you the code for your free 8X8 book.

By the way, if you have not read this girls blog you need to.
She has some great style along with some delicious food pics and recipies.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Weekend in Pictures

We did a lot of playing this weekend.
He really is becoming a silly silly boy.
And I love it!
I got him a new toy this week. It's the Musical Gear Center.
I got it at Target for $22.00 I think.
He seems to like it, it has music when you press the little red head thingy and when you make the gears turn. I like it because it works on his motor skills. It also comes with two balls that you can put down the shoot or put in your know the drill. It seems to keep him busy.

Also as you can see he is now STANDING!
He is being such a big boy. :(
It makes me sad when I see it but he loves being on his feet.
He still wont pull up on his own but he will stand if he is leaning on or against something.
And I am completely fine with this. I know once he gets started moving then the crazyness is just beginning. Mama still enjoys her downtime.

We downloaded Tom the Cat (or whatever its called) for my iPad.
He thinks it is the funniest thing! I highly suggest you download this app for your kids.
He especially likes when you step on the cats feet or punch him in the face.
Nice huh?! Whats wrong with this child that he thinks thats funny?
Whatever I is so cute when he smiles and giggles at it.
He also likes Gina the Giraffe.

This is just a picture from the weekend before I was headed off to have lunch with my girlfriends.

I was also doing some crafting this weekend.
This is a shower gift I put together.
It was very easy to make.
While also making some goodies for his 1st bday!! Woohoo

I just picked up a crate from Target (where else right?!) and some Arm and Hammer disks for the diaper genie (on her registry), made my fabulous diaper cake, grabbed a pack of diapers and put it on the bottom to elevate the diaper cake (wrapped an extra blanket I had from the set of blankets I got for the cake), some wipes, baby soap, picture book, Parents magazine, and a stacking toy, and walah! I just thew it all in the crate and I was done.

I did not have a card and hate spending money on cards.
So I found a cute printable and printed one out and wrote a nice note on the back and I was done.

I am sad I am not going to be able to go to the shower.
But its memorial day wekend and we already have plans.
So when I saw my girlfiend at lunch I just gave it to her to bring to the shower.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?
I can not believe tomorrow is already Monday...booo

Friday, May 20, 2011

PSA that is close to my heart {Part Two}

Here are several ideas on how to keep your sweet face out of the harsh sun.
Let's protect our little babies from the harsh sun rays to make them live a long and healthy life.
A beach tent/canopy.
I found this one off of Amazon for $44.19
Not too pricey and looks very easy to set up and take down.
Perfect for them to play with toys in and not have sand get on everything.

How cute is this play sandbox/pool.
I love it!
I think C must have this once I know he wont eat the sand :)
Plus its perfect with the umbrella to keep the sun off the babes.

A hat like this is a must.
It keeps the sun off their faces as well as the back of their necks.
I found this hat as Babies R Us.
Plus they have cute ones for boys.
This never happens, they have skulls, alligators, sharks, etc. I love all the prints. Go check them out.

A UV shirt is another must have for the summer time.
They have different UV levels that blocks the sun from their skin.
I have seen these at Target for $8.00 and Old Navy also has some.
They even have them in long sleeves which is even better.

Of course sunscreen.
I have read that you should not put sunscreen on a baby younger then 6 months old.
I don't know how true this is. But I just kept C out of the sun completely until he was 6 months old.
Aveeno and Neutrogena have sunscreen specifically for babies. I like both.

And with a strap. Perfect.
So your little ones cant rip them off. Because lets me honest, you know they will.

An umbrella.

We have this pool float and I love it.
Its perfect with the little covering above to keep the rays off my sweet face.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

PSA that is close to my heart {Part One}

This is going to be a very hard post for me to write.
In less then a month it would have been 3 years since my sister has passed away.
She died of cancer.

My sister was tall, skinny, and beautiful
( I would post a pic but still even 3 years later its too raw for me).
She loved the sun and to tan...she loved it too much.
She frequented the beach and most of all the tanning beds.

Since we live in Florida it is in our blood to crave the sun and to be tan.
Throughout the whole entire year.
Yes, it will be winter in Florida but us Florida girls love to be outside and catching some rays while jamming out to some Britney Spears and reading some ridic gossip magazines.
Because a winter in Florida can mean its a chilly 75 degrees out (and yes that is chilly to a Floridian)

However, this is obviously not a good thing for your skin.
Especially the tanning beds.
I can not say 100% that the sun and the tanning beds are the thing that killed her but it was a huge contributing factor.

I can not stress enough the hazards of tanning beds.
It is a known fact that tanning beds are linked to Melanoma.
And melanoma is one of the worst kinds of cancers.
My sisters cancer first started off as melanoma before it spread all over her body.
Here is a link to more information on the hazards of tanning beds.

Again my sister was a very pretty girl before she had cancer.
But the last couple of months she turned into this person that was barely recognizable.
It was very heart breaking to watch.
She had tumors all over her body which just spread and spread.
She lost her hair through the chemo process, could barely walk or move without extreme discomfort, could not use the bathroom by herself, grew a huge belly (looked like she was 40 weeks pregnant it was that big), and her face and body was swollen looking.

Just when you think it can not happen to you, you are wrong.
Take action and prevent cancer!

My sister was 29 years old when she died.
That is too young to die.
She had a whole life to live but was taken by this ugly demon called caner.
Her death was all part of God's plan and her story is actually pretty chilling to hear. Chilling as in a good way because God was looking out for our family.
Yes her death was hard on our whole entire family, but we all have learned so much from her death.

So, please girls be careful when you are out in the sun.
Please, please, please do not use the tanning beds.
When you are being exposed to the sun use sunscreen, a big hat to cover your face, and some sunglasses.
Plus all of these things are fashionable to boot.
And being dead is not a fashion statement.

Tomorrow in {Part Two} I will discuss ways to keep your baby/child safe from the sun.
Because they say that several bad burns as a child can have an affect on your chances of getting cancer later in life.
So lets protect our precious babies.

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Ends Monday, the 23rd.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I love me some Shutterfly!
Now, I would like to share my love with all of my fab readers!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Fun

I love a good mani/pedi.
However, I don't love the extra expense of having pretty toes and fingers.
So, when I ran across this tutorial from Cupcakes & Cashmere I felt that I had to share.
I couldn't keep these great tips all to myself.

The neon is so in now and perfect for the spring/summer.
My mother's day mani/pedi is about up so im going to try these tips out this week and I suggest you do it to.
 Good luck and happy mani/pedis!

Now, another summer must have is popsicles!
They are so light and refreshing and perfect for kids and mama's waist line.
Plus look how fun these are!!

You can customize your own pops and it only takes 7 minutes.
How cool is that?!
You put real fruit puree in the pops and just freeze them.
You can even make them have faces by putting bits of fruit in the provided molds...
What kid wouldn't love these things?

I found these at Williams Sonoma.

I wonder if you could put some Skinnygirl in the mold and have some Skinnygirl pops??!!
Hmmm I might be on to something here :)
Mama's treat, and babies treat...perfect!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday Ideas

I am slammed at work today so I don't have much time to complete a very thought provoking post. Sorry.
However, I thought I would throw out some ideas I have been putting together for C's party.
Through Pinterest of course.

I decided on a circus theme party.
I want to do reds, yellows, white, oranges, blues, polka dots, chevron, stripes as the coloring and decor.
I think its very boyish and he would like it.
Obviously some of these are not the right coloring but I do like the idea behind it.

I think we are just going to stick to a small party. Just family :(
But I am still going to go all out. Why not?! C will only turn 1 once.

Does anyone know where I can get a roll of raffel tickets for cheap?
Also are ya'alls thoughts on having a cake for the adults? Yay or Nay?
I know I love having cake at parties but do most adults like cake or should I just get a smash cake for C?
Do you all have any more fun ideas for me??!! Please :)

Hopefully I will be able to get some better posts up through out the week.
I feel like I have been crazy busy lately and kinda neglecting my blog baby. Hopefully I can get back on track here soon.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A New Purchase

When I get home today...
Hopefully this will be greeting me at my doorstep!
We finally bit the bullet and bough a nice camera.
We were sick of getting blurred photos of our amazingly cute subject.
I have no idea how to use this baby but I want to learn all about it.
So, if you start seeing tons of photo posts, well that's me thinking I have turned into a photog.
Bear with me and tell me they look amazing please :)

Poor C is going to think I have lost my dang mind.
Oh well.

So a girl needs a fun accessory for her camera right?!
Ummm the correct answer is yes!

Jenna's Journey is hosting a giveaway for Snappy Straps.

Now, you can go visit Jenna's Journey but please don't comment because ....
I want to WIN...MINE, MINE, MINE!
You should just buy one and get 10% off by entering JENNASJOURNEY

So, you got it, its mine!
I never win anything but I feel good about this one.