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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I did it!

So, I finally bit the bullet....
Here she is...the box I have been waiting for.
What is it you ask.
Only something I have been obsessing over now for years...

Yes...its the...

the bag I have been posting about and coveting.

Sorry for the crappy obligatory pic but I was on my lunch break and had to dash on over to FedEx to get the dang thing. Run home, grab the camera to take pics of my new beaut, rip into the box only to find another amazingly beautiful box (pause "think-awww its so pretty, ok Cheryl you don't have time for this open the dang thing!), and then the dust bag with the to die for bag inside.

Ugh I just love it!!
This may sound dumb but I love it so much I don't want to take it anywhere.
I am so scared I'm going to mess it up...haha.

So, was it pricey.
Hell yeah.
Worth it?! HELL YEAH!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Paper Coterie Review

A while back from Paper Coterie was just opening up their new site they offered this amazing promotion.

The offer was $40.00 in free products!
Amazing huh?!
So I totally took advantage and picked up 3 of their 20 X 13 canvas like prints to display around our house.

They turned out simply stunning.
I am so pleased with their products and will def. be going shopping their again.

When I received them in the mail they were very nicely packaged up with no folds or creases.
The actual artwork is printed on this canvas like paper that is outstanding quality and all the pictures I uploaded turned out great on the products. My favorite is that they add a beautiful font to the photo along with a very cute quote.

Their products would make great personalized gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or any holiday.
They have these "canvases", growth charts, calendars, photo books and lots more.
Go check them out. I think they might be my go to site for unique custom products.

If you do by something from them tell Cheryl from Nap Time Is The New Happy Hour sent you.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blog Sale

I desperatly need to clean out my closet so please help me!
Make me an offer I can't refuse.
All shipping will be whatever can fit into those flat rate boxes.

This is a pair of Charles David pumps in nude. They are a size 6.5 and were only worn a couple of times. They are in excellent condition. I bought them off of Rue La La and I can no longer wear them because my feet got bigger after I got pregnant :(

This is a 100% authentic coach bag. In excellent condition.

This is another 100% authentic coach bag. In great condition.

This is an Express white bag. In great condition.

This is a look a like of the Louis Vuitton Alma bag. It is in excellent condition. It is the spitting image of the regular Alma bag but no red inside.

This is a 100% authentic coach bag. In excellent condition and comes with the original dust bag.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby Number 2

No, I am not pregnant again....sorry for all the hype, but I have been thinking lately....
I have been questioning myself if I want another baby. I have known since I was a little girl that I wanted at least one child. Maybe two but definitely not more then two. Now that C is almost one (YIKES!) and I am not getting any younger ( I am almost 30 ya'll) the big question has come up...should we try for another baby Not right this second of course but if we decide the answer is yes then we need to get on it.  This mama's clock is a tickin!

I like to think things through like crazy. Make spreadsheets, word documents, talk to my husband about it. I don't want to not have a second child solely based on the financial factor, like we aren't going to be as financially comfortable now as we are with baby number two. Its true but I have to stop thinking like this. We will be fine either way its just hard to get passed at times. I don't want to have any regrets. Children are too fun and precious!

I want C to have his time with us and be able to be a baby but I also want to be a young fun mom. These are several things that would lead me to have just one...

1. More money- we would be able to give C a lot more things and we would be able to retire earlier (and travel which we love to do)

2. Bonding- as a family we would all be very close. Not that If we had another kid we couldn't have this but I feel like one kid would get shafted in certain areas.

3. More flexibility- we would be able to do a lot more things with just the hubs and

4. Behavior- C was the best baby. If we had another would the next one be as food as C was? Would they sleep train themselves and sleep through the night at 8 weeks??

Baby Number 2?...

1. C would have a brother or sister to have memories with and hopefully become best friends with. This is something that my husbands had but I did not. Yes I had a sister but we were never really that close (she passed away 3 years ago from cancer)

2. Baby number 2 and C would entertain each other  (goes with my number 1).

3. Family- we would have a larger family ( which equals to a lot more expenses)

My husband said " I can see you just having one kid, because you are so happy with that one thing you love it to death" and that is very true of me.

It's so hard to know. All I know is that all this mama can handle is little C right now. We will just have to wait to see where God takes us in this crazy journey we call life.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Is It Crazy That I....

bought C his big boy bedding already?!
It was on sale and I just couldn't resist.
Husband is a huge baseball fan and  we both thought this would be perfect for our little man.
And yes, we got the American League.
Have to represent those Rays!!

We knew we wanted a baseball theme but had no idea that I could find something so cute.
Of course its from Pottery Barn Kids.
Love that place!!!

I have no idea what I'm going to do with it for another 6 months to a year but at least we have it.
What I hate about Pottery Barn is that you find something you love and then you will go back months later and its sold out or not around anymore.
That's why I decided to grab it now.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

C at 11 Months Old

C is 11 Months old today.
Let the count down to his 1st Birthday Party begin!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Why is it that as mother's we are constantly having to justify our decisions??

Everyone and every baby is different. I think we all get that right? So why is it that people (family, friends, strangers) feel the need to tell us their opinions? I'll be the first to admit that I am new to this mothering thing and that it is crazy hard and I don't know what I'm doing for a hot second. But...that does not mean Mrs. Stranger in Target that I care what you think about me not breastfeeding my baby anymore or when my baby should nap. Sounds bad but I don't give a what.

When a stopped breastfeeding that is when I swear everyone started to ask me about it. I chose to stop because that is what I felt was best for me and my family. So again, why Mrs. Stranger in Target, why, why do you care so much? Why am I standing in the middle of Target with my itty bitty baby explaining my boobs and what is being expressed from them to you? And yes back in the 70's, 80's and even 90's you did the rice cereal thing from a bottle. That's great. I chose not to do that. Don't look at me like I'm cray cray.

When I am having to justify daycare decision to a man with no kids just drives me insane. I picked who I have picked for a daycare provider because I trust her, C likes her and I (and my husband) think she does a good job. But again why do I have to explain this to you? This all goes back to my post about family. As a family this is a decision we have chosen and why am I being questioned about it?

I try to not express my opinions or what we do in the E household onto my friends with babies unless they specifically ask for my advice. I think that could ruin a friendship very quickly. There are obviously some friends that I feel more comfortable talking and telling things too but I do know the ones that will take things wrong so I just don't go there. It's not worth losing a friend over and who is to say that my opinion or what we are doing in the E house will work for them.

I have thought these things for a while now and just decided to write about them for girls who are pregnant now or are going through the same thing. For the most part people have butt out as my babe is getting older but I still have those random Target ladies telling me hoe to raise my child.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day & Birthday Sneak Peak

I got this picture taken of C at the mall. I knew I wanted a picture taken of him in one of daddy's ties but had no idea how cute it would turn out being.
 I love it and so did daddy.
C got daddy some headphones he has been wanting, this cute little picture of himself and a snapfish photo collage mug.
We had a great day.

I have been working on some birthday crafts.
And here is a sneak peek.
The invitations are going out on Monday!!
I can't believe my little sweet face is going to be one soon.
He is growing up WAY too fast.
I love you C!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

I am linking up with Katie over at Loves of Life for Saturday Morning Scene.
This is my first time linking up with Loves of Life.
I am loving this idea :)

This beautiful saturday morning we are just laying low.
C woke up feeling warm and I just dont think he is feeling like himself.
So, he is veggin out watching himself some Baby Einstein.
This is him in the "Einstein trance"

And mommy made herself some very unhealthy but delicious breakfast.
I tried to blurry out my crazy messy table.
We have C's party supplies, Father's Day Gifts and other random stuff on the table.

I so need to clean today...ugh.

Hope you have an amazing Saturday!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day Weekend

This is such an amazing song by Casting Crowns.
It's perfect for Father's Day.

Of course this song made me cry.
To think how how amazing of a Father my husband is going to be to C.
God has truly blessed my life with C and my husband.
I can't wait to see what God has in store for our lives.
Happy Father's Day to my amazing husband.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Cool Mee" Seat Liner {Review}

I first heard about this product from Baby Preston's mama, Tiffanie over at Pineapples and Pickles.
When I first read about this product I could not believe a company out there made something like this.
This was perfect for C. This is exactly what he needed.
C is a very sweaty child and drips buckets of sweat in his new big boy seat.
Its gross to be honest, he is 100% boy.

So I jumped on over to my trusty Amazon and bought him one (and even scored another free month of my Amazon Prime Woot Woot!).
To be honest I was a little skeptical after doing some research on it but I decided for $40.00 and for the sake of C not losing his ish anymore because he is overly hot.
 I would just get it and see how it worked and then go from there.

Well, it works amazingly!
We both love it!
Now when I get him out of his seat the back of his head isn't dripping.
He is dry. HILUEAH!
What it is, is a breathable light weight fabric.
Ya know those kid car seats are not breathable at all.
They trap in body heat.
I personally would not want to be trapped in my own body heat with having no way to escape it.
Ummmm gross.

So if you little guy or girl gets sweaty in their car seat I totally recommend this product.
Its a perfect time to get one since it is the summer and all.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{Semi} Wordless Wednesday

C and I went to the zoo and had so much fun!
He didnt really "get" the animals but he sure did have fun looking all around.
He was NOT a fan of the splash area, but it was so hot that we both needed to cool down.

We also hung out at swung at the park.
I just love hearing his little giggles when I push him.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bringing Out The Mom In Me

So, I have realized throughout the last ten months that I can pretty much deal with any situation someone throws at me. I used to be a tad bit shy and hated confrontation (when it came to work issues mainly) but I could really careless now. I have become a lot fiestier and taken the approach of "I don't take ish from anyone". I am not saying I have become rude because I have not. I don't like rude people and don't think it's right to act that way. I have just taken the stand to do what is right for my family and I. I am on the path to learn to say no to people and not take on as many responsibilities and I love this new approach.

A lot of people are taken back of my new approach. I think it's because I will finally say no or deal with a situation in a whole new light and they don't like it. They can't take advantage of me, I simply won't let it happen. I don't understand why people don't grasp the aspect of family time. They will surly take the time with their families but when I want to spend time with my family I am being selfish, a bad worker, friend, etc and that is just not ok with me. Why is it ok for other people to be with their precious families and make memories and bond but when I have worked my booty off and done all my responsibilities they don't think I am entitled to it or I am being selfish for wanting time with just my family and no one else. It especially annoys me because my husband is out of town a lot so we don't get the same family time as everyone else so when my husband is home I want to spend it with him and as a family. Why can't people understand that.

It is crazy how much C has changed our family dynamic. I love it, it's for the better. We used to do a lot of things independently and that just worked for us. But now it's all about C. We want to hang out with him as much as possible. It's like he is a little celebrity in our household. And yes, he is that cool.

So, I am like the rest of the world and want/deserve the right to spend time with my family. Don't look at me like I'm being a B because I am standing up for myself. Get over it and realize that my priorities have changed now. I am not your work B anymore and regretfully can't hang out or catch up with family and friends like I used to. I will still be the best worker and friend but ya just gotta understand the new and I think improved me.

Monday, June 13, 2011

3 Years Today

Was when my sister passed away.
She will be in my thoughts today.
Even though we were not very close, I miss her.

I could have done so many things differently to try and repair our relationship.
I can not change that now but only learn from the mistakes I made.
I have learned so much from her death. So many good things.

I am sad C will never get to meet his Aunt Jennifer, he would have loved her crazyness.
I am happy that I will get to see her again in heaven though.

On one of her last days, I asked her with tears streaming down my face if she was going to heaven.
When she told me yes, that she has had several talks with God and knew where she was going.
I can not even describe to you what my heart felt like.
She had gone through so much heart ache and the devil had tempted her so much here on earth.
But now that wont be happening.
Our family will get to see her again.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Vaca {Part Two}

I took a week and a day off from work.
A Monday-Wednesday was spent in the Keys and the rest of the week and Monday, C and I are just hanging out.
We have a couple of things planned out to do but today we were just going to hang out at the house.

We got this adorable little crab blow up pool and he seemed to like it.
He really did not like the sprinkler part on it though.
He had a fit when daddy sprayed it up.

Tomorrow we might head to the mall and check out the Neverfull bag I have been wanting and try to find some Father's Day Gifts for our dad's. I just might have to have some Evo's and Pinkberry while we are there. I mean how can I not when they are both in the same mall....#meanttobe.

Hopefully we will end up at the zoo but not too sure with how this weather is looking.
There also might be a stop to a real pool at my mom's house and maybe a baby hair cut in the schedule somehwere. Ugh I really don't want to do this hair cut thing. I have this thing in my mind if I get his hair cut then he is a real big boy. Of course I dont want this happening.

So hopefully Tuesday I will have a full recap of all the fun stuff we did on the weekend and Monday.
Stay away rain!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm Back & Heartbreaking News

So, we are back from our vaca and it was fabulous.
It was just what I needed to recharge my batteries.
C had a great time with both sets of his grandparents.
When we picked him up yesterday we was rearing to go.
 I swear he got more mobile in just 5 day. OH BOY!

We didn't take that many pictures.
Which kinda annoys me because we got this nice camera and don't have any pictures to show for it.

After C went to bed last night I was going through all my blog reads to catch up and saw one post that just really tugged at my heart....

One of this girl's best friends had passed away..
(BTW if you don't know about The Busy Budgeting Mama then get over there are going to love it!)

Her name was Shannon and she was shot and killed by her ex during a custody exchange.
I simply can not believe it.
I feel like you only see stuff like this on TV.
These poor precious children now do not have a mother or father.
He took a lot from these children. What a selfish man.
It breaks my heart to think of how young this mother was, she had so many joys to spend with her children and this man ripped that away from her.
I can not even imagine how her children must feel.
My heart goes out to this family.

This is Natalie (TBBM) and Shannon with her two kids.
She was beautiful and from the sounds of it she was a great mama and beautiful on both the inside and out. They lived far from each other and actually had a play date set up for next week to meet and catch up. That will not take place, instead there will be broken hearts healing.

This man was a monster, he was to appear before the court next week on on restraining order.
This women cried out to the court of law to help her.
She had told the court she was scared and that he has weapons.
The court let her down.
Again, our system let someone down and this is the price someone has to pay.
It is very sad situation, and unfortunately its the reality.

The part that really hits home for me is that I work in a law firm.
My boss handles restraining order cases and I'm right there doing my job.
Who is to say that a case like this may run across my desk.
I do not want anything to do with it.
It's my job to do the paper end of up. So does that mean I am helping??
Gosh I hope not.
I have to think of my job as just that. A job.
I can not get emotionally attached or I would not have this job.
 I have to think of it as they made a mistake and are going to fix it and get back to their normal lives.
That is most likely not the case.

I hope I am in no way going to be helping someone justify their actions and get a way with it in my job. That is simply not ok with me.
It is making me think about my job in a whole new light.

After reading about Shannon and her situation it hurts my heart.
For her family, especially for her children.
I will pray for her family and that time will hear their precious hearts.

I hope this situation will only bring good things to this family and to others.
God will not give someone more then they can handle, this was all part of God's plan.
It may seem like why did God let this happen, but it will unfold later. He is not ready to show anyone now.

Please learn about domestic violence and the causes and effects it has.
It is a very serious situation.
If you even think this could be you, please go talk to someone.
Protect yourself, protect your little ones.
No man's "love" is worth this price.

If you go to Natalie's blog you can make a donation to help the children's financials needs be met.
I know I will be donating.

Friday, June 3, 2011


I am taking a little blogging break because I will be on vaca!!!

See ya back on Thursday!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seriously Thursday

I am linking up with From From Mrs. to Mama for Seriously?! Thursday
I first heard about Seriously?! Thursday from this lovely mama and thought what a fun idea.
So here I am on this Thursday with some Seriously...

1. Seriously-I will be here...
On a vacation!
Cause this mama needs a break from it all. I am going to miss C like crazy but let the tanning, sleeping, drinking, and eating binge begin!

2. Seriously-Did I type of a 3 page paper include copies of insurance cards and health authorization forms for our parents to watch C?! Ummm yes maam I did! Yes, I am neurotic.
BTW if you are looking for a health form I can send you one. I work in a law firm.

3. Seriously- Is this guy really sick? We take him to the vet to get boarded and he comes back sick. Ummm really?! We are pissed.

My poor little furbaby. Did I really walk into C's room this morning to get him ready for daycare and almost step in diarrhea. Yes, yes, I did. Ugh so gross!!! And yes I gagged and ran to the sink because I thought I was going to be sick from the smell. Poor poor furbaby.

4. Seriously- Am I really thinking twice about purchasing this beauty?

I just cant seem to pull the trigger. What is wrong with me?! It seems so expensive for a bag. I really want it though!!! Cher, just do it!!!! I need to give myself a pep talk. I need ya'lls help too. :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Vacation Dig

 I am super excited that the hubby and I will be leaving for vacation oh so soon.
5 days of pooling it, drinking, sleeping in, and living the baby free life.
For five whole days!

When some of my friends ask me what im up to lately and whats going on with the E's, I talk about my up coming vaction. Of course there next question is if we are bringing C with us. 
Which is totally fine and understandable.

But what really annoys me is when I tell them "No" we arent bringing him, they will make a comment about it. Even a simple snotty "Oh?!" or "Why Not?" irks me. 
But they usually have more to say then just that.

And what really drops them to the floor is when I tell them that I dont think bringing kids on a trip is a true vacation.
You would think by there reaction I was the world's worst parent. 

Now, let me clarify by saying, that I think trips with kids are a lot of fun.
I want to take them on trips to go see things and play and have family time.
Like Disney, a water park, amusement park, etc.
Something kid friendly will be a blast and all of us will always remember it.

But I think "family time" and "vacation time" are two seperate things.
Mama and Daddy need some down time too.
And if we have family who want to watch our sweet face C then by golly we are going to let them.

So, I am not the world's worst parent because I want to spend some quality time with my husband, sleep in, get drunk by the pool, and do nothing thankyouverymuch. We both deserve a vacation and that does not mean that we love C any less. Actually I could not love him anymore ummmmk.
Technology is amazing and we will be able to skype with him and at least see him and he can see us.

So please take your nasty looks and your ugly comments somewhere else because they are not welcome here.