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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hey Mama's!
I hope you guys have a great time with your kiddos tonight and stay safe.
Can't wait to see all the adorable costumes.

And in the honor of the halloween spirit I am entering The Paper Mama's photo challenge

I am entering this photo...


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Followers Fest {Link Up}

Now, I know its not October 28th
but this link up is still going on and I just couldn't pass this up.
It looks so fun!

I first found this link up through A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers but Casey over at The Wiegand's is hosting it.

So I would like to introduce myself to ya.

1. This is my hubs. I don't really show him here on my blog much. But here he is. We have been married for 3 years. 4 will be in March. I love this man.

And he is the bestest daddy!

2. I used to be fun. Like drop what I'm doing and go party fun,/go have drinks fun/stay out till 3AM without a yawn in site fun. 
See examples...

Clubbing with the girls!



NYC before going to a Broadway show!

Where did the fun Cher go?
I think she has left the building because I can't stay awake past 10:00.

3. I graduated from FSU as a social work major.
Now I am a paralegal who handles criminal and family law.
Mostly family law.
It's almost the same thing as being a social work major in that sometimes I have to talk people off their ledge.
I love my job.
I find it true that the people at your job will either make it or break it and thank goodness my boss is pretty great.

4. I love to travel.
But I am a bad traveler.
I tend to get sick every time we go somewhere.
Mostly some stomach issue.

I have been to Dubai
And yes it is pretty awesome.

My husband was already there for work, he stayed for a month (pre C) and I went to go visit.
So I had to fly and maneuver through the airports all by myself.
It was a culture shock I must admit.
But everyone in Dubai was extremely nice and helpful.

And yes we went sand-dunning or as they call it sand bashing.
Which was so freaking cool.
And yes I almost upchucked my tabouli.
We just rode around in a 4Runner bashing thru the sand at high speeds for a couple of hours.
Then we went and had dinner and there were camels and a belly dancer there.
We truly got the Middle Eastern experience.

And yes I did go skiing in the mall.
And you see those fences there. Yes, I did crash through them.
Very embarrassing but it makes for a great story.

Their malls are AHHMMMAZING!
They are better then pictures.
Everything is very high end even the woman wearing their burqas.
There shoes, purses and jewelry are to die for.
Gold, gold and more gold!!!

I have traveled to Alaska

St. Louis

St. Martin & Anguilla for our honeymoon

And of course Hawaii where we got engaged.

5. I am a very private person.
Only a few people know everything there is to know about me.
I feel that people take your problems and turn them into gossip and I just don't like that and think its wrong.
I think there is a Pinterest quote about this somewhere...

6. I will share a private thing about me.
My parents are divorced.
They got divorced while I was in college.
They also adopted my little brother, he is my sister's child.
That is a whole other long story in itself that maybe I will blog about one day.
Child abuse is a very hard subject for me to speak about.
Another reason I got in social work.

7. And I think this pretty much sums me up as a parent.
I love C so much.
He is truly a blessing from God.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

My girl Natasha at Schue Love won the Pink Together giveaway!
Congrats girl!!

Now, if you have not read Natasha's blog you are totally missing out.
I have mentioned that she is one of my favorite reads a couple times here on my blog
but seriously go check her out!
She is always dressed to perfection, has great home decor taste, oh and is such a sweet girl.
And she has just transferred over to a .COM
So congrats on that too!

Go check out her blog
And Friday's are my personal fav because its Friday's Fancies over at Schue Love and her creations are always to die for!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Make It Pop

Oh a little boy and his popper.
You know the saying "Oh a little boy and his dog" it's his popper.
C is so into his popper.
I would compare C being into his popper as I am into my wine and coffee.
Yes, addicted and obsessed.
Now, while I love C to be kept busy with his toys...
the popper takes it to a whole other level.
To the point where I think he would sleep with it if we let him.

Last week he didn't get the concept of the popper.
He would just sit on the floor to play with it and shake it around.
Oh no, not this week.
It's the Stanley Cup in our house.
I think he thinks he is now a professional hockey player and the popper is his stick and the dog toys are his puck.
He will whip that thing all around and ram it into everything like he is trying to slap something into a goal.

Now, this is cute and all.
Until, mama has a huge headache.
This toy is probably the loudest of the bunch.
Most of the time I don't mind it and just tone it out.
But last night I felt like my head was going to pop off and the dang popper sure was not helping.
It felt like those itty  bitty balls were being pelted at my head every time he would push it.
I felt bad taking it away from him because he loves it so much.
So, I decided to just pour myself a big ginormous glass of wine and let him go at it.
After about 20 mins mama's edge was taken off and C was still playing like he was a team member of the Tampa Bay Lighting.

I do think every kid should have a popper.
I know I had one as a kid.
But they are pretty ridiculously obnoxious.
I must admit, the hubs and I find it pretty hilarious to buy our friends the most obnoxious children's toys for their birthdays/Christmas.
And someone totally punked us by getting the popper for C.
So, now its on.
We are totally on the hunt to find their kid something ten times more annoying.
He is 2...any suggestions?
 This ones gotta be good and totally top the popper.
So, whatcha got in your house that makes tons of noise?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Did My Baby Steal A Pumpkin?

So, here C and I are...
In Publix looking at what else but those dang cute mini pumpkins.
Again, I am obsessed.
He is sitting in the front part of the cart being all cute.
I give him a cutie pie pumpkin to see if this is the one that he really wants mama to get him.
I turn around to look at more of the freaking adorable pumpkins and find the squashes!
Ugh, mama doesn't have any of these now does she?!
Maybe C wants one of these too.
 I turn around to see him sitting there being all cute still.
But no pumpkin in hand.
I ask him "Where did your cutie pie pumpkin go?"
He looks at me all crazy of course
So I just figure he dropped it down into the cart.
I look, no pumpkin,
 I look on the floor, no pumpkin,
I look behind him in the cart, no pumpkin.
Ummm C where did you put that dang pumpkin?!
I start freaking out because I see my purse in the back of the cart wide open.
Did he put the pumpkin in my purse?
OMG they are going to think I stole the pumpkin and that this is all a ploy....
To get my cute little baby to put the goods in my purse and act like I dont know what is going on.
I feel the cameras and people watching me.
I riffle through my purse and rip everything out one by one.
No pumpkin.
What in the ___?!
So I look through the cart again.
No damn pumpkin.
I go through my purse one more time.
I will not get arrested because this little baby put a freaking pumpkin in my purse.
But again, no damn pumpkin.
Ya'all I have not a clue where that little freak of a pumpkin went or where my baby put it but it was to never be seen again.

Has something like this happened to you before?
Please share your story so I dont feel like the only crazy one.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Fall Ya'll

This little guy right here is now 15 months!
And this mama right here is kinda freakin out.
Where did my little babe go?
And I swear I say that every month.
And I swear I think more about baby #2 every month too.
But just for a brief second.
What normally snaps me out of it is C yelling at me.
I do love C more then words can describe and he is all I can handle right now.
So baby #2 will have to wait.
Wait a while.

So, here is to another month of amazing C.
And he was probably thinking, and another month my mama is getting in my face with that camera again.
I have been saying we are going to the pumpkin patch every weekend but yet we still have not made it there yet.
So, I kinda chalked up to the idea we weren't going to make it this year.
So, I took matters into my own hands and did my own rendition of pumpkin patch pics.


While at the grocery store one day we passed by the pumpkins.
They had the regular size and the mini pumpkins.
I told the hubs that C kept telling me he wanted these cutie pie pumpkins.
(I was calling him that in the store while picking out the pumpkins...he seemed to like it)
I don't think he bought into that idea.
Oh well...
I bought 2 but had the urge buy like 10.
They were so cute and C sized.
I was the one obsessed with this cutie pie pumpkins. Not C. But ME!
So on another trip I saw the white ones.
Well, now he had to have one of those too.
So, now we have 3 C sized pumpkins.
And all perfect for the mini photo shoot.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway

Monday, October 24, 2011


As most of you know by now..I have a slight obsession with cereal.
So, when I was contacted by My Blog Spark and Gernal Mills to do another giveaway of cereal I jumped on it. And trust me when I say you will not be dissappointed with this pack. It is pretty awesome, its pink, and serves a great cause that is very close to my heart!

The coolest part of this giveaway is that General Mills will donate $1 to the Komen organization for each Message of Hope that is sent to someone who has shared their story on
Ummm hello how cool is that?!
So please hop on over to do this.

I personally am a huge supporter of breast cancer.
As my sister died from cancer at a very young age.
Breast cancer was only one type of cancer she had.

So ya wanna win this pinkalicious cereal pack from General Mills?!

All you have to do to enter is the following below, and please leave a comment for each one you have done.

* Follow Nap Time Is The New Happy Hour and tell me that you are a follower (1 entry)

* Visit on Facebook, “Like” the site and tell me you did so. (1 entry)

* Share your Message of Hope about how breast cancer has touched your life over at and tell me you did so (1 entry)

* Follow me on!/cae1982 and tell me you did so (1 entry)

Thats 4 easy ways to enter so jump on it peeps!
This is an great giveaway that serves as a great cause.

Winner will be announced on Friday, October 28th.

Disclosure: The Pink Together prize pack, information and coupons have been provided free of charge by General Mills through MyBlogSpark

Friday, October 21, 2011

Night Life

This is our dinner/night life right now.
So not fun.
Torturous to be blunt.
I want my sweet little babes to eat healthy.
Ya know eat vegetables and not chicken nuggets all his life.
Maybe I am crazy and not thinking rationally but please C I am begging you eat your damn veggies!!

I thought I was being this clever mama and tricking him by giving him his own bowl of apple sauce and his own spoon. While occupying himself  I would quickly shovel veggies in his mouth and he knew nothing was even happening.
Well, lets just say that did not last very long.
I gave him his own bowl and spoon last night and all he wanted to do was stick his face in the bowl.
Ummmm what are you doing C that is not how you eat.
Didn't ya mama tell you that was rude??
Its like he was at a Halloween party and bobbing for apples.
Cute yet odd.
Where does this baby get these  strange things from???
So he was more interested in sticking his head in his bowl than eating any veggies I had.
No tricks would work, no funny faces, no noises, and no Michael Jackson thriller dance moves (and yes this works like a charm normally)
So after I got him nice and pissed off from trying to feed him veggies he did NOT want he decided to just pick up the dang bowel and pour it into his mouth.
Very clever C.
Again, where does he get this stuff from?
We clearly don't do this, well maybe the hubs does after eating his ice cream and he wants to get the left over creaminess. And surely there is none of his on Baby Einstein that he sees.

So I think I just might have to hang up the towel on feeding him his veggies.
I will still put whole veggies in front of him every night.
Maybe he will accidentally pop some in his mouth a time or too.
But at least they will be there as an option.
As I'm typing this I know it sounds crazy, this little babe is smart and he knows what he wants.

So, in the mean time I'm going to stick with these until he yells and me and throws some more royal C fits.

At least he will be getting some vegs in his life.
So, the shirt is off because we got CAAARRAZY with the vegs and applesauce and he just wanted his daddy since mommy is mean ya know.
So story time with daddy it was.
Ugh melts my heart.
I love my two guys!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sephora {Friends & Family Discount}

It's that time of year again!!
It's Sephora's Friends & Family Discount!

They changed it up a bit this year.
You can enter your email address here and a code for 20% will pop up.
However, its only a one time use code, unlike the previous years.
So make your list and check it twice girl.

The sale could have not happened at a more perfect time for me.
I am running out of all my products and needed to stock back up.
So, I did and I got all of this for $104.00!

First up we have my beloved mascara that I can not live without.

It's called DiorShow  and it pumps up my lashes like no other mascara.
Love this product and I tell everyone about it.
I am sure I have mentioned it on my blog before.

Next up is another eye product, the Clinique quickliner

It is totally one of my go to products I am never like to run out.
So I bought this one as my back up stash.

I needed another new eye shadow primer. I have tried several and have not found one I LOVE yet so I decided to try this one. We will see how I like it.

Now I am getting into some face action.
I have tried a face primer a while back and was not crazy about it all.
I felt like it didn't work.
But I have heard such great things about this Makeup Forever HD that I had to try it for myself.

I am really hoping it works and causes my makeup to have more staying power because come 3:00ish I look like I got hit by a train. It's not pretty. So product, please, please work for mama.
 I need to have that fresh look back in me.

This is actually another product refill.
I am in love with this product, but only the oil-free one (as pictured).
It is a tinted moisturizer by Stila.
I use it every single day and it is actually perfect for the days you don't want to put make up on.
I just slather a less than dime sized squirt in my hand and rub it into my face and I look tons better then if I were to have nothing on my face.
I would say this is another must have product.

So there you have it.
All these amazing products for 20% off.
This only happens once a year gals so hop on it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Organized {plus a free printable}

I have tried several jewelry organizational methods and this one is by far my fav. and most functional.
Egg Crates.
They are ceramic and perfect for my every day jewelry.

I love how they give your drawer a pop of color.

You can pick up this one at Anthropologie
for $14.99

Or you can wait like I did and pick them up at Joann's when the Easter  decor goes on clearance.
I think I got both of the turquoise ones for less than $5.00

These are supposed to be for shoes.
However, I use them for all my little bathroom goodies.
I have so much bathroom stuff that it drives my hubs nuts so this thing is perfect to keep it all off the counter tops.
We have one in our bathroom and C and I have another in the guest bath.
Yes, I have that much stuff.

I think I have a total of 6 of these in my closet.
I got them all at HomeGoods.
I have them filled with tank tops, cardigans, PJ's and misc stuff.
They hold so much in them all while adding a pop of color.

What ways have you found work to keep your home organized?

So I told ya I would have a free printable.

has "A Peek At the Week"
up for grabs as a printable.
I love all of her printables.
They are very colorful and very functional.
They remind me of Erin Condren's products, functional and fun.
Sp, go hop on over and DL it.