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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Curling Wand {Tutorial}

Meet my best friend.
Sorry wine you are taking a back seat to my curling wand.

Have you been wanting to get one of those new fun curling wands but dont want to spend the extra money?
Well now you dont have to.
Just use the tutorial above to make your own.

Look at my hair...

Pure perfection if I must say so myself.
And all because of my best friend the curling wand.
It's so easy and you can even use a curling iron you already have.

Now, I must disclaim that I bought a ridicioulsy expensive one because I had Rue La La credit and wanted to use it up.
However, you can get my gorgeous bouncy curls but not spending any money.
Score huh?!

All you do throw some mouse or whatever product you choose in your hair.
Heat up the wand.
And wrap sections until you are done.
Use hair spray all over.
Brush out.
Spray again.
And wahla!
Gorgeous curls!

Now, go tell all your girlfriends about it because they will love you for it.
Or dont and just be the hot one of the group.


Jess said...

WHAT! Such a good ideaaa. So simple - why didn't I think of that?! Oh yeah...because if I had all these great ideas then there would be no need for Pinterest lurking all night long ;)


Michelle said...

I need to do this!

tara said...

Your hair looks great! I need to try this!

Tiff said...

Love it!

I do this with my straightner too! It works wonders! :)

Holly said...

This is awesome! I have an old curling iron, I'm so trying this. Thanks for sharing :)

natasha {schue love} said...

Oh this is a GREAT idea!! Why didn't I think of this? Love the way the wand works and your hair looks FABulous! :)

The Little Crane said...

Just found your blog and I'm in love! Looking forward to reading along.

Unknown said...

How clever... it seems so simple now that you've written it. I think I'm going to go make over my curling iron right now!

I've just started a new meme and would love for you to come by and join in the fun @

- Eve