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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mommy & Colby's Day of Fun!

Yesterday was Mommy and Colby's Day of Fun!
Yes, I called it that the whole day.
And you know what?! We had a freaking blast!
The day started off with C's 18 month old doctor appointment.
No fun for him or Mama.
One shot and an interesting update but more on that later.
But we got through the appointment and then it was off to the Glazer Children's Museum.
After that he let Mama do some shopping, had lunch and then we both napped.
I love a good nap day!

Little did he know he was about to play his little heart out.
He was in charge and got to do whatever he wanted at the Museum.
He led the way.
First up was Tug Boat Tots.
He got to run around and do whatever without giving this Mama a heart attack by touching everything in site.
Because that's exactly what you are supposed to do at this place.
Touch everything in site.
What itty bitty toddler wouldn't love this right?

They had so many fun toys that were larger than life.
And the best part was that they were all clean.
I am a germophob (or however you spell that word) which is kinda ridiculous when you have a toddler because they touch literally everything and then...put it in their mouths.
But this place was spotless clean.
He could have ate his lunch of the floor and I wouldn't have thought twice about it.

Oh and the water play.
This was C's fav!
They give you little rain jackets to put on so the kids don't get soaked.
It was of course huge on his little self but he looked adorable in it.
Wish I knew about the dang rain coats the first go around because he came back soaked.
I mean pants looked and felt like he peed in them.
Oh well.. he had fun so I didn't really care too much.
It was Mommy & Colby's day of fun and no holds bars.

They had a cute little Publix and Vet Clinic.

The Vet Clinic was his favorite of the two.
They had little kennels with doggies that you got to take care of and look at x-rays and  take care of the sick doggies.
He liked petting the doggie and giving him a bone.
Surprisingly he didn't try and climb in the kennel with the dogs.
But he did try to close several girls in them..haha.

Needless to say we both had a ball.
He took a three hour nap.
Mommy's & Colby's day of fun was a success.

Some pics from Glazer Children's Museum site


Jess said...

Looks like you guys had a blast :)
I live about 20 or so minutes from that museum.
I've been meaning to take my younger cousin - now I have to!


Anonymous said...

Next time I want to go!! Xoxo :)

Shannon Dew said...

So much fun! We just joined our local science museum and KP LOVES it too!

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Our entire kindergarten was there yesterday and they said it was a great field trip!