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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NYE College Style vs. Present

The past couple of days have been action packed.
The E family rang in 2012 and the hubs and I both turned 30!

New Years was a blast, we went to a nice dinner with friends, partied till 6 in the morning, got plastered drunk, toasted to the New Year with lots of bubbly, danced on the table, and somehow managed to make it home in one piece without remembering a thing about the night.
Wait...that sounds like the year of 2002, not 2012.

You know what we did.
The hubs and I went to a nice dinner and we were both in bed by ten.
Yes, you read it correctly, 10:00 PM.
And you know what?!
I loved it!

I was not even 30 yet on New Years Eve so I can't exactly blame it on being old yet.
But when you have a hyperactive toddler who is going to be bouncing off the wall in several hours you want to get every last wink of sleep in you can.
Because in a couple of hours, Mr. C will be up.
And you know what that means???
Running around with the popper (ya know because that is the most obnoxious toy he can find) and flinging it all things expensive in the house while garbaly gooking (that's what we call his "talking") in a Fran Dresher tone of voice.  

So, with all this in mind we decided to hit the hay early.
We are totally not the same fun college kids we used to be.
Ya know, party like they say in rap songs (ok I feel like "rap songs" just made me sound old), eat some Waffle House to sober up before bed, sleep till 5 PM the next day without even an earthquake waking us up and wake up and do it again.

Yeah, not anymore.
I have a couple drinks and I'm three sheets to the shitfaced wind.
Nodding off, ripping my heels off, and pronouncing my love for all things baby.
Equally as special as all this sounds I will then proceed to talk about how we can make a baby.
Yep, not my ol fun college self.
In college I was trying to prevent from having babies, now I just want babies and more babies.

So, here is to a boring bringing in the New Year of 2012.
I can't wait to see what the '12 has to bring my family.
Hopefully another baby...haha
And no I'm not shitfaced writing this.


Kate @ Daffodils said...

haha I feel you!This is the first year since we had kids we made it past midnight... We stayed up til 2 and it has taken me until today to recover. Apparently the kids did not get the memo that mommy and daddy did not want to get up at 630! Happy New Year!

Lauren said...

When I first started reading this I thought you were serious and I was like,"Go girl!" haha!

Lauren said...

PS...I can't even stay up partying until 6am dancing on tables (never done that) and I work nights...I usually crash about 3-4...