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Monday, January 16, 2012

Time Out

All pics via Pinterest

Oh itty bitty sweet faced baby where did you go? I think you are in that little body of yours somewhere but you rarely come out to play anymore. Instead we all get to hear you screaming to "It's My Way Or The Highway". The problem is that you still have this cute little face. Mama can't resist a cute face, just ask Daddy. So when you yell at us because we didn't let you have Mama's huge glass of wine it's hard not to laugh, because you are so darn cute. And you even do this thing where you stick out your bottom lip and it quivers like crazy. It's adorable. Sorry.

But Mama will not take you doing the dreaded word...."Hitting". No Sir! Mama does not like to be hit. And why dont you hit Daddy. You know he is the one that continues to dunk your hair head  in the bath tub and the water gets in your eyes. So if anyone should be getting the wrath of you it would be him...just sayin.

Before you never did anything bad enough to constitute an official "Time Out" but now you are getting old enough to no you shouldn't hit or do certain things. So sorry sweet face boy when you hit mama you are going to Time Out.

This breaks Mama's heart. To hear you scream for a minute straight is like putting hot fire pokers in my heart. I dont like seeing my sweet face my new found opinionated toddler sad. But baby love just do what I say and you won't have to go in time out. Or make mommy sad ever.

So from now on lets make a pact to just do what mama says with no questions asked ok.
Now all we need to do is getting daddy in on the "do what mommy says with no questions asked".
I think he will be more of a challenge then you.


Erin said...

Love the little seats that are timers! Hope you little one avoids time out this week :)

Ashley {styleash} said...

Haha those are such a cute find! Hopefully there won't be many more timeouts! :)

Lindsey said...

I'm glad to know I am not the only one who's children hit me vs daddy!! Silly kids!! We've implemented "time out" in this house and I hope that we can continue to make it a simple lesson they can learn from.

lg2006 said...

I hear you! I could say the exact same things! ha