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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Push Pop Love

I first heard about the AHH-MAZING Cookies & Cups  on Twitter.
Shelly's blog name is nothing short of adorable-ness.
There is just something about it that I love.

Her blog is full of pretty pretty yummy-ness.
For example:

But what really grabbed my sweet, sugary, eye were these fun treats.

And Miss Shelly does a demo for you.
She makes it look all too easy.
This may be bad.
First of all, they are funfetti, enough said.
Second, they are so cute and would be sure crowd pleasers at any event. Even in your own home.
Thirdly, Shelly makes it look so easy.
So a FUNFETTI, pretty, and easy  and yummy.
This is bad news already.

Now, first she baked a FUNFETTI cake.
Easy enough.
Remember to try and not eat all of it yourself.
I know its hard but please refrain.

Flip that bad boy of a push pop over and press.
Wah-la, now you have the perfect sized cake piece in your pop.
That Shelly is a pretty smart girl.
I would have tried to cut a small piece and cram it in.
But her way is a lot prettier.

Next, she filled a piping bag up with icing and started to layer the icing and cake.

Don't forget to layer in some goodies like sprinkles!
Sprinkles make anything more fun and tastier don't they?!

And here is your finished product.
You can even add a little goodie to finish off the top like Shelly did here.
So adorable right!!
You could make these just for fun or coordinate the colors for baby showers, birthday parties, Valentines Day, or any holiday really.

I told you Shelly made them look easy right?
So easy.
Colby will be getting Push Pops for his 2nd Birthday thanks to Shelly's tutorial.
Thanks Shelly!!

The name Push Pops is super fun.
Maybe because it reminds me of my childhood.
I don't know.

But you know what is even more fun is a whole book about Push Pops!
And you know who is releasing her own book is the beautiful Courtney Dial from Pizzazzerie

There is some seriously yummy eye candy is this book.
Courtney Dial does not do anything half way.
This girl goes all out and everything she does is pure perfection.
So go check out her book.
She is even doing a tour with her book.
If she is anywhere within a 2 hour driving distance I will be there to have her sign a book for me.

By the way, she is going to be at Blissdom!!
I can't wait to meet her!
I must say I was super excited when she followed me on Twitter.
Yes, I'm a dork but she is pretty amazing you must admit.


Crispin said...

love those, so fun!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Such a cute idea! I could totally go for one right now!

REBrown said...

The funfetti pops look delicious!