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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easter Ideas

Easter Ideas

I was having a conversation with my mother in law this past weekend
 and she brought to my attention that Easter is in 19 days from now!
Holy heck, where has the time gone?
I swear we were just ripping open presents on Christmas morning
and now we are going to be celebrating that Jesus has risen.
I had plans on decorating my house all cute and springy for the Easter holiday...
but that just didn't happen.
I guess I still have some time but I honestly I doubt it will actually get done.

This Mama/Easter Bunny needs to get a move on putting together Colby's Easter basket.
I put together a, for the most part, gender neutral Easter basket to give you all some ideas on what to get your sweet little bunnies for Easter.

From starting at the top and moving clockwise...
I want to start Colby on the potty training track and will
use any fun tool necessary to get this baby out of diapers.
If Elmo and cheerios is what it takes, I'm all for it!
This little boy loves Thomas.
So maybe some trains for Easter will be appropriate.
Maybe throw in a new movie too.
Don't forget to add some baby sunblock to your basket.
Because really why not?
All kids love balls and a big beach ball will be perfect for the spring.
I want to start working on C's fine and gross motor skills more
and think these blocks will be perfect.
And it must be a Jelly Cat.
Why? Because Jelly Cat's are so stinking cute!
We are big fans!
Can't forget to have the Easter basket now can you.
Pottery Barn Kids has some really cute ones
or you can always pick up the fun ones at Target.
Colby loves his aquadoodle big mat.
This travel one looks good for the car too.
I would love to find a good book that tells the Easter story.
Every kid needs to hear it and it's kids are never too young to start learning about Jesus.
Easter Eggs-
Target has some beautiful glittery plastic eggs for your little girl
or some sports plastic eggs for your boys.
C loves lollipops and I think all kids like lollipops.
And I don't know what would be cuter than an impromptu photo shoot with a big fun pinwheel lollipop.
Monogrammed Hooded Towels-
C got a cute little monogrammed frog towel for Christmas
and I just cant get enough. I want to get him another one.
Maybe a ducky.
You can pick them up at Pottery Barn Kids or Target has some that you can get monogrammed.
Since Colby is in and out of shoes like Lindsey Lohan is in and out of jail.
Some shoes would be perfect for my little man.
A dude needs some nice kicks.

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