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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kick Off! Family Foto Fancies

Today is our very first post of Family Foto Fancies.
To recap what exactly Family Foto Fancies is all about,
have teamed up to bring you outfits that you could actually wear to a photo shoot.
Outfits that coordinate and are at an actual price point people can afford.
And the beautiful photographer herself, Mrs. Christina Higman will have a tip for you all.

So, please help us kick off our first ever Family Foto Fancies!

Spring Photoshoot

This outfit is based off of a Spring Time Photo shoot with the family.
As most of you are gearing up for Spring and Easter with your families,
Easter is the perfect excuse to capture your beautiful family.

Notice the bright fun colors and matching color scheme.
Everyone seems to be coordinating in some sort of way without the typical khaki pants and white tops.
If you click on the icons above you can see where these products are from and buy them for yourself.
Again, they are all reasonably priced which is key to us for our Family Foto Fancies.

Christina wants to share a tip with her readers:
"really distracting patterns or big logos aren't good,  they tend to take away from the subject instead of adding to it"

Head on over to Christina Higman Photography to see her amazing work and if you are in the Tampa Bay Area contact her to book a session.


nicole said...

We are planning family photos in April. But there are 8 of us to dress! I feel like it would be easy to just put the boys in khakis and different colored polos. But coordinating the girls without being boring seems harder. Thanks for the tip!

Erin said...

Love love love these outfits!

khaki pants for men said...

Absolutely love these outfits!