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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hippity Hop ::Easter::

Easter is all about the Resurrection of Jesus.
However, it is also about Mom's getting their kids dressed up
in ridiculous dresses and hair-dos.
If C was a girl I would totally do the same.
But I think my Mom took it to another level.

Enter 1989.
Yes, this is my sister and I.
Holy heck are those some cool shoes!
And check out those bang'n socks.

Now fast forward to 1994-'95ish.
And yes those are some "stockings" with my Sam & Libby's.

Every year we would put on our new Easter dresses,
head to church and then out to brunch with the whole family.
That was our thing.

Of course we got Easter baskets that were filled to the brim
with amazing goodies.
From candies to clothes to nail polishes to cash.
The Easter bunny was good to us.

Now, it's time to think of new traditions to do with my family.
I have several in mind...
to leaving carrots out the night before for the bunny to snack on
(hint hint...this "bunny prefers chocolate, not carrots),
to having awesome egg hunts with yummies and money inside.
I want C to remember holidays as a kid as being spectacular.
And nothing less.

At Blissdom we got the chance to catch up with the Easter bunny himself.

He was giving away de-licious Hersey's goodies.
We also got to create our own Easter baskets courtesy of Hershey's.
Look at the mouth watering goodies we got to pick from.

Look mine got delivered last week.
I must say the hubs and I have eaten almost all of the candy.
It's too good not to devour in days flat.

Of course my personal fav are the Cabury Mini Eggs.
D to the E-licious!!!

T-minus 5 days..
The countdown has begun for me to get a pic with C and the Easter bunny.
Why oh why do I always wait until the last minute?
So stupid of me.
Now I will have to wait in a forever long line with a bunch of cranky kids and parents.
Lucky me.
You would think I would have learned my lesson by now.
But...nope I haven't.

So, tell me, did your Mom put you in a ridiculous get up
and force you out in public in it?
What kinda goodies do you remember being in your basket?

1 comment:

REBrown said...

My mom always tried to get us to wear hats with our dresses and tights. They were terrible!