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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Product of the Week {slight obsession}

Hands down, without a doubt
Instagram is my Product of the Week!!
If ya haven't heard...
Instagram for the Android is out!!!

To say I am obsessed is truly an understatement.
Here are some of my latest creations via Instagram.
I can't help but capture everything on Instagram now.
The settings just make photos look so much better.
I can't wait to dive right in and nail down some new followers
and check out more of the settings.
Eeek so fun!

I have already captured
C eating an ice cream cone (and yes it was adorable)
All my baubles that I heart.
The Citrus County sign that represents FLORIDA!
My work life.
My delish T Flats lunch
And C's Happy Baby pouches (and yes we get them in shipments by the box full)

Please come join in on my fun.
My Instagram name is



Because Shanna Said So said...

Glad Android finally has the app out now...more friends to join in on the fun!
Giveaway @ Because Shanna Said So

Unknown said...

I downloaded the android version 2 days ago and my phone is now being replaced...Ugh so frustrating!! Must be an odd glitch between my htc incredible 2 and the app.
I'm totally bummed because I was very excited to give instagram a try!!

lg2006 said...

It is totally awesome! I agree!