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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stop & Smell The Roses {Vlog}

Good Morning Ladies.
I am here for another vlogging sesh for

Stop and Smell the Roses is a link up with Mandy
Each week I sit down and vlog what I am thankful for.

And here is what I am thankful for this week...

 I had a couple of minutes to get in my vlog before work so sorry it is a bit rushed.
I will do better next time :)

Some of you girls are power house Vloggers I love it.
I need to know your secrets.
I watch mine and I even get bored..haha
Am I boring?

I think I need some more "pep in my step" if you will.
What do you think?
You can be honest I wont be offended.

Critize me please!


Tonya @ Love of Family And Home said...

Always nice to have the hubby home!! My husband is home every night & I depend so much on him & his help with the kiddos! I don't know what I would do if he had to travel with work....probably drink a lot more wine! ;)

Brittany Chaudhari said...

I think your vlogs are great, honestly! So glad you've joined up with us!! So happy your husband is home for the week with you and Colby! Traveling husbands can make for one tired mama, but you're lucky to have a hubby that helps out when he is home! :)

Nina said...

I love this! It made me smile. And I love your vlogs- you are being hard on yourself :) Enjoy your week with you family!!

Mandy Rose said...

So very true girl! I do not know how single moms do it. I have so much respect for them. My husband has been gone twice in 2 weeks and it's HARD without him! Glad your hubby is home and there to cuddle Colby! I love your vlogs and I think you have great "pep in your step". I mean it! Keep up the good work!

the workaholic momma said...

Oh girl...I can barely bring myself to do a vlog so I'm certainly not passing any judgment!!! Glad to hear that your hubby is home this week - I cannot even imagine being alone for more than a day or 2:) Have a great week and enjoy your fam time!!!

Unknown said...

Oh Cheryl, you're too hard on yourself! I enjoy your vlogs! I get bored and embarrassed watching my own (which is why I don't! Ha!) so don't feel like you're the only one sent to sleep by their own video! I think it's totally normal :) Keep it up, girlie! You're doing great :)

So glad your hubby is home and able to spend time with you and Colby :)

Jen said...

OMG Cheryl...I get SO SO SO bored watching MY videos! I think we are always harder on ourselves. I for one love watching yours! And today I can relate because even though my hubby doesn't travel, he is gone a LOT and works very late nights during the week. It's tough single-momming-it during the week. I feel ya girl!!

And as always, love your hair :-)

Kenzie said...

Slight problem... I have NOTHING to critize you for! That's the beautiful thing about vlogging and doing the link up... Everyone is so individual that you simply CAN'T be "bad" at it. That was my biggest fear starting, but I don't see it that way anymore. You're great and I love watching your vlogs! I also adore your hair. It looks GREAT all of the time! Take care! XO!

Tiffany said...

I think we all see our own as boring. Lol. But I love your vlogs! I have been able to have Chris home with me lately and it has been a huge help!

katie lake said...

It is such an amazing feeling when the husband comes home after being away. My husband is a football coach and started back for spring practice recently. He isn't totally gone but he will work till roughly 9PM five nights a week, 2AM on Fridays, and be home Saturdays. I still get to see him for an hour or two at night. I joke that I kiss him goodbye and will see him again in November ha!