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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Talking Big Boy Beds

My baby is officially not a baby anymore.
We are crib-less.
Did you hear me?
No more sweet baby crib is in my boy's room!
We only have big boys in our house.

Colby is now in a big boy toddler bed.
It happened way to fast too.

I picked him up from day care on Friday and his sitter mentioned
that he climbed out of the baby jail pack n play several times during nap time.
Right when she said that I imagined him climbing up in his crib standing on the side rail
and act like he was King Kong on the empire state building before he jumps and broke every bone in his monkey boy body.

I mentioned to the hubs that he is climbing out at day care
and that we should probably look into toddler beds soon.
Before I know it, Saturday afternoon we have a toddler bed
assembled, bed made to perfection, and his itty bitty sweet crib taken down.

You see, I called my mom on the way home Friday afternoon to tell
her about my little Spidey Boy and that we need to eventually move him
into a big boy bed.
She told me that she would be garage sailing on Saturday and would look for one.
Well, what do you know she found one for an incredible deal that was built with a nice
wood and was spotless

So far, the big boy bed process is going well.
I am telling you, that this baby will adapt to practically any new change.
It's unreal.
It makes us not want another kid because we might not get so lucky next time.

Round 1:
Bedtime v. Mommy & Daddy
I was ready for a down right brawl with this baby.
Snuggled in bed with the video monitor and my quick step.
Can I just tell you that he did not get out of his bed once.
He feel right asleep.
No problem-o
Round 2:
Nap time v. Mommy & Daddy
Again, loaded with the video monitor in hand and ready to pounce like a cheetah.
You see,
 this baby did not seem like he wanted to nap.
He was standing up in his bed, laughing at himself, throwing his blanket over his head, dangling his legs off the bed.
Until, the very second
 he scooted his little booty off and took a step.
I zoomed in there faster than lightening and put him back in his bed.
And boy, did that make him mad!
Screaming lasted for about 3 minutes and then he was at it again.
Again, right when his feet hit the floor I was in there armed with monitor in hand
and sweet firm words.
I swear he looked at me like he wanted to pimp slap me.
Crying carried on again.
This whole long process carried on for about an hour and a half.
Until the hubs went in there and rocked that baby to sleep.
At least he slept in his big boy bed by himself for about an hour and a half.

Round 3:
Bedtime v. Mommy & Daddy

We put C down at his regular bed time and he cried for only a couple of minutes.
After the crying sustained, that baby did not fall asleep until 9:30!!
He did not get out of his bed so I guess it's a win for Mommy & Daddy
but geez baby 9:30!
That's late.
Needless to say he was one cranky toddler the next day.

I don't think he is diggin his big boy bed just yet but we are getting there.
Thank goodness C seems to adjust to almost anything new.
Mommies do you have any tips for nap time?
How do I keep him laying down?
How do I make him want to fall asleep?
Any and all tips welcomed.


Erin said...

Sounds like you all are doing fairly well so far! I realized yesterday that when J moves to his new toddler room in a couple,of weeks he'll no longer be napping in a crib, he'll be on a cot! I'm not going to lie I'm freking out a bit. As much as I want him in a crib I'm secretly hoping maybe they'll deal with teaching him how to sleep in a semi big boy bed and perhaps our transition will be easier. Hmm a girl can dream!

Good luck,just stick with it, sorry I have no tips but I'm sure I'll be back to get some from you soon enough!

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

Oh girl, I feel you! We have a little monkey on our hands too. Q climbed out of her crib for the first time the other day (I'm actually surprised it took her this long!)But the other little guy is happy and content so far. Sooooo, I'm delaying. Plus, we just don't have the room. I have those crib tent things on order and we'll see if that does anything. It seems a little inhumane but if it buys me more time (and time to save up some $$$), it will be worth it! In the meantime, praying for no broken bones : ) On an advice note, not that I know firsthand, I've heard that they have those special light up clock things that the child is supposed to watch and can't get out of the bed until it turns a certain color. Maybe worth a try??