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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Newest Obsession

Here is my newest obsession...
All sorts of baubles.
From bright to shiny to pearl to metal.
I love them all.

And the thing is, this is only a small bit of my collection.
My new favorite is the J Crew bib necklace.
This piece is a stunner on.
It makes a statement all on its own.
I have my eye on a turquoise one next.
Should I pull the shopping cart trigger?!!



tara said...

I ordered a knock off turquoise JCrew bubble necklace on Ebay for $14.50! Can't wait to get it!

Erin said...

I am seeing these baubles everywhere now! And I'm quickly becoming obsessed too!

Also, wanted to be sure you knew I have a new domain, Confessions of a Magnolia Mom is no more! I hope you'll visit our new site, The View From 510, and continue to follow along. You'll need to add our new domain to your feed again :)

Laura said...

you have the peach and pink one?! LOVE! i got the turquoise one on ebay too for $14.50 ( i see someone else mentioned that!) i can't decide about getting the other ones too- SO pretty. love your collection lady!

The Paper Plume said...

Pretties! I'll definitely be scouring Ebay for the deal you all found! Thanks.

REBrown said...

I love big necklaces like this!