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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Busy Mom's Devotional ::Product of the Week::

I received this book as a birthday gift.
I pulled it out about a month ago out of pure guilt.
For one, I was not enjoying my birthday gift that my friend picked out specifically for me.
And two, I had not really seriously spoke to God in what I felt like was forever.
I mean I pray every night before I go to bed, or do I?
I always end up falling asleep.
Terrible I know.

So this book right here,
The Busy Mom's devotional sounded perfect for me.
It has a short devotional specifically geared to mom's and verses I can relate to.
It was a devotional in 10 minutes or less.

I was reading Chapter 4 the other night and it just jumped out at me
and I wanted to share it with you.

First of all, Chapter 4 was named "Chocolate Intensity Prayer".
Well hello devotional, you are speaking my language already.
See, I told you it was totally geared for moms.
But anyways, it was talking about how this Mama was trying to rush around the house
to get some things done and her son kept on bugging her.
She sat him in front of the TV several times thinking that would work.
But it didn't.
He kept getting up and trying to get his mom's attention.
She finally sweetly grabbed her son's face in between her hands,
looked him straight in the eyes and said "What, what do you need""
The little boy responded "Mama, I need chocwate."
Of course his Mama got him some chocwate because he was being so darn cute.

She stated that when she is trying to make a point to her kids that she grabs
their little faces in between her hands and forces them to make eye contact with her.
The kids of course do everything they can do to not make that eye contact,
with their eyes jutting around.
But they finally give in and look at their Mama.

Her point of her cute story was to take her story and relate it to how we speak to God.
When we need something, we are the first ones to nag and try and get God's attention.
But when God is trying to tell us something, we often turn the other way, and do anything
to try and not "make eye contact".
When God is grabbing a hold of our faces he wants us to listen,
we need to listen, and not try to do everything but make that eye contact.

I personally thought her cute story was exactly what I needed to hear.
I love that the author uses her own children as lessons and tries to make
them relatable to other mother's.

I know, I for one, need to start paying attention when God grabs a hold
of  my face and is forcing me to make eye contact.
I need to start working on this, because I know he has something to tell me.

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Anna @ The Things I'm Learning said...

I have been wanting a new devotional book and this one sounds great! Our lives get so busy and it's so easy to fill the time we need to spend with God with other things.

Julie Rogers said...

I think I need this one----sounds like my life and I know what you mean about squeezing some God time in. Thanks for sharing!