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Monday, June 18, 2012

Car Ride Toddler Tricks

This week the sweet face and I are going to be taking a trip back to my good old college town.
Some of my family lives there as well as one of my best friends.
However, this time the travel will be a bit different.
I will not be cruising 90 mph seeing how fast I can get there so I don't miss out on a party.
I have precious cargo in my back seat now I must be safe at all times.
So now crazy banter on this ride.

As most of you know, traveling with a toddler isn't much fun.
I want to make this trip as easy on me and him as possible.
A 4 hour car ride trip with a toddler can be easy peasy one minute
while they are napping and nerve wracking another minute when
they are having a melt down in the back seat because they are bored.

So, I decided I was not going to let my little sweet face get bored.
I want to make this trip painless for both of us.
Plus, I like my eardrums and would like to keep them for years to come,
 I put together this list to prevent all screaming, screeching or yelling and I hope
you and your family can benefit from this list.

All of the items above will be in reachable distance for me to pass back to C.
Remember safety first.
Having C forward facing makes the passing back much easier and safer.

Of course I will have the trusty iPad handy as well as snacks and fun CD's.

Please follow along with me this week
as I outline healthy car ride snacks
and other tips and tricks to make traveling with a toddler easier for all.


Mandy Rose said...

Great ideas!! I may need to steal some of these if I ever plan our August vacay!! Thanks for sharing!

Shannon Dew said...

OH I'm so going to need these come August! Stickers will keep her busy for most of the trip but I don't think all of it ;-)