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Monday, June 25, 2012

Family Foto Fancies

With school being out and parents having a bit more time to spend with their children,
it's the perfect time to document your family.
 What better way to do that than with a photo shoot?!

Christina Higman is an amazing photographer in the St. Petersburg, Florida area
and she is here to give you a tip on how to make a photo shoot extra special for
your toddler or young child.

I am here to help you out on outfit selections for the big day.

Christina's tip is,
"Sometimes it's fun to allow a child to bring along something they love,
 For example, it might be meaningful to let the child have a couple pictures at the end of the session with their favorite, ragged, blanket or their dirty stuffed animal that goes everywhere. I would keep it a secret until the end though so kids don't whine for it the entire time."

With that in mind,
I made a board to reflect a summery photo shoot
with some cute Jelly Cat animals.

Bring Something Special

Bring Something Special by cheryl-enlow on

Just think how precious the photos will turn out when they have that
little special something with them to love on.
It will be perfect to document that phase in their life.
Plus, they will love to look back on the memories.

So tell us,
what is your child's favorite lovie or toy?
What toy is so speical to them that they will light up
when you bring it to the photo shoot with you?

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