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Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Love For "The Lauren"

I know I have spoken about my love for "The Lauren"
before, but I am here to tell you about her again.
I am totally in love with this clutch/wallet/timesaver/fourth hand.
She is the perfect "mommy wallet".
She is "The Lauren" by Hobo International.

I take this girl with me everywhere.
From work to running errands to throwing it in my diaper bag.
I never leave home without her.
As a mommy you need two four hands to be able to juggle your baby/toddler, diaper bag,
sippies, snacks, and whatever kid paraphernalia you got.
And you don't want to forget anything important like you ID.
You don't want to be left ID-less when purchasing your "mommy juice" to survive the day.

This wallet/clutch is perfect.
I can't express how amazing this wallet/clutch really is.
I never forget anything because I can fit everything into it.

You see that zipper compartment?
That sucker can store tons of ish!
I have a bazillion business and gift cards as well as hair ties, clips, earrings, accessories, etc.  
And I can put my cell phone and keys in there while toting C around.
This wallet/clutch is really a one stop shop.

You see it has its own place for an ID,
there is no more rummaging through your wallet to find it
and having that panicking feeling that you forgot it.

I keep all my credit cards I use frequently in the front compartments you see there,
and for all my other cards and "junk" I put in the side pockets that open up.

Now, these beaties are not cheap.
They are a bit on the pricey side but you can find good deals on them.
I bought mine at Dillards for 40% off the original price.
Now thats a deal if you ask me.
But I have seen them go on sale at Nordstroms before and even have seen them on Amazon.

Now, go get yourself one.
You will thank me, I promise.


Lindsey said...

I have had a Hobo wallet for over 5 years now and it still looks brand new! I love that I can take it out of my purse and carry it by itself and it still looks good. The inside print of it is cute too. Definitely worth the money!

Mrs. Mama said...

um hello, thats awesome!

The Paper Plume said...

I want one! How on earth did you score 40% off?!