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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Toddler Room Must Haves

My sweet face has officially moved into a big boy/toddler room.
There is no baby in our house anymore.
Enter sad, sad, neurotic mommy.

I have put together some toddler room must haves
for you mommies out there who are about to let your
little one out of baby jail.

I don't know about you but we need lots of storage for clothes,
diapers, socks, and other baby trinkets that he may need.
So a big nice dresser was a must have for C's new room.
We bought ours at a local furniture store but the one above is from Ikea
and would be a great addition to any toddlers room.

With C's big boy bed being a lot higher,
he needs all the help he can get to boost his little booty into the bed.
The step stool helps out tremendously.
Plus he likes to be able to do it on his own, he feels a sense of independence.
You can find step stools at Home Goods and even Target.

Side Rails-
These were a necessity for us.
Since his new bed is so much higher if he did fall,
he would get hurt pretty badly I would imagine.
So, we wanted to make sure he was secure in his new bed without any accidents.
I bought him 2 side rails, one for each side of the bed.
I must admit, it was pretty easy to put together and looks nice.
I was scared it was going to be an eye sore, but it really is nice looking.

Well this is obviously the key part of the big boy room.
We wanted to make sure we selected something on the nicer side
that would be a long term mattress and would have good back support.

Under The Bed Storage-
I am a nut when it comes to buying clothes off season at crazy low prices.
I can't get enough.
Let me just say that I am working on his 4T-5T now.
So, with C's room being so small, we don't have a lot of room for extras.
So these under the bed storage bins work perfectly.
Plus it helps keep our dog from hiding under there.

I like to keep the floors tidy and hooks help a lot.
I hang stuff from PJs to towels to blankets.
Land of Nod has a ton of really cute hooks.

Alarm Clock-
Mama loves her sleep.
And even though C doesn't have this yet,
you better bet that he will be getting it soon.
A Birthday present perhaps??
What this cutie pie alarm clock does is,
if the if the sleeping bunny's picture is lit,
that means stay in bed and snooze awhile longer.
 Once the "awake" bunny illuminates, it's okay to rise.
There is no time telling, just look at the cute little bunny.
You can find this alarm clock at Leaps and Bounds.

Fun Wall Decor-
There are so many cute printables on Pinterest
that you can be sure to decorate your little ones room just the way you want.
C's room is a baseball theme with a hint of learning,
from the ABC's to 1,2,3's.
And I scored some cute printables off Pinterest as well as picked up some canvases
at Home Goods.

Baskets and bins-
I love organization,
especially baskets and bins!!
There are so many fun organizing options out there.
I picked up several containers from Land of Nod.
I have become slightly obsessed with their
Their Mega Sorter is the!

Waterproof Mattress Cover-
If you want your mattress to last you need one of these.
Why spend a good amount of money on a nice mattress
that will most likely get ruined with pee pee accidents.
Protect it!
I bought him a full sized waterproof and hypoallergenic mattress pad.
I purchased it off Amazon.

Sound Machine-
Now, I have been a big fan of white noise for a long time,
even PB (pre-baby).
With our home being on the smaller side,
we turn this one every night in order to drowned out the noise from the living room area.
It seems to work because he sleeps like a champ.
We have one very similar to this one.

Black Out Curtains-
Yes, yes, and yes,
the best purchase of the whole room!!
C is already a really good sleeper but these black out curtains
have really sealed the deal for me.
I actually found some curtains on clearance at Target and added my own black out lining.
They are perfection,
they actually are my #1 on my toddler room must have list.


Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

What a great list! I know we'll make the move soon so I'll reference back to this : ) and yes, sound machine, triple yes, yes, yes. I think my children will probably go to college with the sound of waves crashing!

Jill said...

Great post.

We have two of those dressers and love them!