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Friday, July 20, 2012

My Friday's Fancies::Vaca::

vaction-ing wears

vaction-ing wears by cheryl-enlow featuring givenchy jewelry

It's hard not to pack your whole closet when you go on vacation.
I personally get the "what if's" when I pack...
What if its chilly and I need a sweater,
what if it's super hot and I need shorts,
what if I decide I want to wear that shirt I haven't worn in five years...
Ya know, the what if's.

When I am packing and deciding what to wear for a long vacation
I try and pack items that will go with several different outfits.
You need to break out your staples,
for examples,
your brown and black shoes.
Flip flops and flats are my favorite vacationing shoe.
Also a universal large bag is good to bring,
you can put so much stuff in a large tote, including some of your "what if's"
Also, don't forget your jeans,
jeans go with everything!
As far as accessories go, just stick with either silver or gold and rewear the same pieces.

So, those are my traveling tips,
hope they come in handy some day.


Lyndsay said...

Such cute picks! I agree with you on flip flops. I always pack a variety because they're my shoe of choice for vacation too.

The Everything List said...

so true! i have a hard time packing because of the what ifs too! "what if i spill red wine all over my outfit and can't re-wear?" (which has actually happened before.)

Nicole Rene said...

That dress is super cute!!! And I agree.. when I pack I am always tempted to pack everything I own!!! Lol!!! But these are some good tips! :)

Clare C. Whitaker said...

I love all of these pieces, perfect for a European trip! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Twirling Clare

Nikell said...

Love the accessories!

Good tips too! I get the "What if's" I sometimes end up with one bag dedicated to just shoes. I've really been working on reducing my bulk when packing.

Shannon said...

Oh my, I love everything you picked out there! Great choices! Your blog is adorable, BTW. Love the name! ;)

REBrown said...

I'm the exact opposite - I almost always don't pack enough. Sometimes I look in my suitcase and think "what was I thinking?!"

Laynah said...

I love the only pack silver or gold rule because I seriously pack different jewelry for every single day and just keep them in ziplock baggies and it gets confusing!