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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Have ya'll heard of Statigram?
It's genius!
What Statigram is that it shows you your..get this...
stats for instagram.
The name really says it all.

So here are some of my stats...

My love for instagram started on April 3rd.
It was love at first use.

Ms. Kodi was the first person I followed.
You can check out here blog here at
Then the fabulous and gorgeous baby maker
AP followed me.
If you have not read her blog yet,
well, get to it, you are totally missing out at laughing your booty off,
she is all types of hilarious and inappropriate which is right up my alley.
Her blog is

Here are some of my favorited instagrams.
And yes Amaro is my most favorite filter.
Maybe because its the first one and so easy since its right there
or maybe because it looks the best with my photos...don't know.

All of these photos scream Cheryl actually,
from my favorite shoes, seriously so comfy,
don't know why the Reva's are all the rage because the
Carolines are where it's at ladies!
And cupcakes, hello, if you know anything about me its that I love cupcakes.
oh and wine of course,
and a pic from my Vegas trip of my straight hair,
my bling, and bubble necklace.
Yep, all me here.

And this could not ring any more true.
I heart BeachBumandBaby,
we need to be in real life friends,
and of course Jordan Rothwell,
we are actually in real life friends only because she is...well...awesome,
not only is she the best blog designer out there,
I think she is the sweetest person I know,
and I already mentioned about AP's fabulosity,
and andreahouse, well this girl knows her makeup, fashion, and accessories, she rocks!
and last but certainly not least the johanson52607,
she is amazing at DIY and have you seen her adorable kiddos?!

Go check out your stats with statigram
and make sure you follow me on Instagram,
my name is



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the workaholic momma said...

what a cool app....i had no idea!!! thanks for sharing:)