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Monday, July 2, 2012

Whats In My Makeup Bag...

Whats in My Makeup Bag

What is in my make up bag you ask??
A lot of MAC products along with some other goodies...

Come read about my MAC obsession...

This is by far the best foundation I have tried to date.
It goes on with ease and stays all day with the help of number 7 of couse.

The best brushes around.
They hold up so well, I have had mine for years.
My favorites are actually the set that come out around Christmas time.
They are the travel set.
I don't like the long handled brushes, they don't fit in my makeup bag as well and are just too large.
I do take very good care of my brushes and wash them frequently,
but investing in good brushes is a must for a flawless look.

This product adds a nice healthy glow to your cheecks.
I orginally saw this on a girl who works at the MAC counter and had to have this product.
It made her skin look so healthy.

I have tried every mascara out there and this is by far the best one.
Although it is pricey it is worth it.
Some mascaras burn my eyes and make them itchy but this one does not do that.
DIORShow make my lashes super long and says on all day.

The eye shadow primer helps my eye shadows stay on all day.
Without this product it looks like I have no eye make up by noon.
And this Clinique eye liner has been a favorite of mine since I was like 16 years old.
It is so easy to apply and last a long time all while being at a nice affordable price point.

As you can see I love MAC products.
They tend to last a very long time which is obviously good on the credit card.
This powder is light and helps seal in my foundation and make me have a fresh face.

Another product that is pricey but worth the extra money.
Without this product I would look like a 12 year old by lunch.
This product helps me keep my every day made up look in place.

MAC's eye shadow's pack a punch.
You do not have to use much of any of their products to get a complete look,
and their eye shadows are no exception.
They have so many beautiful colors, that create a beautiful look.
And of course they have have some great eye shadow brushes.

Another MAC product that you have to barely dip your brush in to get rosey glowing cheeks.
Even though MAC products are on the more expensive end, they last a long time, which
in the end saves you money.

This bronzer adds the perfect color to your look.
It is a must for every season.


Karen said...

I'm obsessed with MAC eye shadow too

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

Should I start sending my credit card bills straight to you??? : ) Love this post. And I'm a MAC girl too - studio finish is my godsend. Now if I could only learn to actually apply makeup like those at MAC.