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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

3 Things I Love

Please tell me you have heard of Spearmint Baby.
If you have, you know that the site is packed with adorable-ness.
With beautiful birth stories, gorgeous newborn pictures, and to die for nurseries,
plus so much more heart warming smiles.
If you have not visited Spearmint Baby, you must, but first make sure you block off
an hour of your time for this gorgeous site.

Well Spearmint Baby has done it again and completely wowed me with their
And I agree with them.
I am totally loving all 3 of these things this week.

Would you not love to get that balloon for your birthday,
or heck, for just because.
It's gorgeous and a piece of art if you ask me.

These fun filled balloons are by Bonbon Balloons.

This would cheer up any ones day and make them smile.
The only downside is that they only deliver in the UK as of right now.

And Lalalovely sure makes my Mama heart smile.
Not only with a mini tutorial of her fabric chandelier

but with her simplistic style.
I think I have found a new blog love.

So, balloons with colorful confetti that could make any Mama or child smile on their worst toddler tantrum day and then "fairy bread".
Yes, I am an adult and yes I still have an obsession with sprinkles.
No ice cream is complete without sprinkles,
and cookies taste way better with those little color wonders,
and fairy bread is no exception.

Sugar & Cloth totally did this sweet little treat right.
Sprinkles galore.
What little girl and Mama wouldn't love to have this with her tea parties.

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