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Monday, August 27, 2012

Family Foto Fancies::Putting The Fun In Photo Shoots::

Family Foto Fancies
is back and more fun than ever!
Christina Higman of Christina Higman Photography
has one creative eye.
In picking out this edition we decided on a more fun and whimsical idea for a photo shoot.
And her ideas and photos do not disappoint.
For example,
what little girl wouldn't love to run around in an open field with a tutu and fairy wings?!
And the shot with the girls Mama are pure sweetness.
And when you add in some bubbles, balloons, and sweet treats,
it is sure to make for some adorable photos.
The tent just might be my personal favorite.
Think of your kiddos frolicking around with a big batch of balloons in hand
and peeking out of that adorable little tent.
This would be the perfect boy shoot.
The girls can have their fairies and the boys can have the tent.
For some additional items to bring to your photoshoot
to add a touch of fun we sugguest:
-big lolipops
-ice cream cones
-picnic blanket
-tea set
-water balloons
-water guns
Please feel free to email Christina or I with any additional questions
or to book a shoot with Christina.
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