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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kourtney Kardashian Has A Mommy Blog?!

I like to think of myself as "in the know" of blog land but
shame, shame on me.
One of my favorite fashionista/mommies have a blog and I didnt even know about it?!
Ugh, how dare me!

It's not secret that im a Kardash fan,
and I recently just found out that Kourtney had her own blog through E!
Now, I am sure a bunch of you are rolling your eyes, but roll away.
To me, she is very down to earth and doesn't have a nanny.
Her and Scott She does it all on her own.
She has so many tips and videos to provide her own advice that are just fun to watch
and hear K-Dash's own, personal advice.
It totally makes her seem like a real person.
And I think I love her even more now for having a blog.
I mean really how does she possibly have time to blog and do everything else she does?
She rocks.
I will totally be checking out her Mommy Blog on a regular basis.
Again, love the Kardashians!

And doesn't Scott look so sweet here and not like a creeper that he was back then.

And here she is with her new daughter, Penelope
on the cover of US Weekly.

support her like you would any other mommy blogger.


Baby Shopaholic said...

Love Kourt! I will be following!

beckylbranch said...

Oh my gosh I didn't know this..I love Kourtney! Khloe is my fave though :) I just got my US Weekly in today and can't wait to read!!!

REBrown said...

Kourtney is definitely my favorite Kardashian.