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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Toddler Dinner Wars No More. I Have Your Answer

It's no secret that my toddler is not a good eater.
And if your toddler is a good eater, well then I am super jealous of you and your healthy little thing.
The fact that you don't have out a Mama vs. Whining  No, No-ing Todlder Drama Dinner
every night would be nice.
I can't wait to get to that point where I don't have to smuggle wheat germ, kale, and other nastiness into my toddlers food so that he will actually eat
because he just straight up does not like to eat lunch or dinner.
Don't get my wrong, my C is very healthy,
but it is probably only because he loves the
dang vegetable pouches.
I have no problem handing my toddler 3 pouches a day.
His favorite are the Spinach & Mango Happy Baby pouches.
Yes, they are more than a $1.00 per pouch
but whatever as long as C is getting his fill of the good stuff.
Now, I have recently come up with a plan to get my toddler to eat all of his dinner.
Yes, every last bit of it.
Like this kinda toddler plate every night.
Its a miracle.
Ya wanna know my secret?
You promise you wont judge me?
Ok here goes....
Yes, that is a bathtub.
I feed my child dinner in his bathtub.
Weird yes.
But it works.
I have no idea why he will eat his whole entire dinner in the bath tub and not in his seat,
but he does and this Mama will take it.

So, for all you toddler Mama's out there who's little ones wont eat their dinner,
try feeding them in the bathtub, bring their plate and fork or spoon,
post up with a little seat and shovel the dinner away.
It works wonders for us.


Karen said...

I'm going to try this too. Right now we have to entertain him... Bubbles, dancing, iPad, etc

Baby Shopaholic said...

In the tub! P would just throw it all in LOL! Big mess for me!

Julie Rogers said...

That is too funny---you never know what might work, but I have never heard that before!!


Nikell said...

That's funny. Hey...whatever works. I can't wait to see what's in store for me when I have kids (^_^)

[dianegatorfan] said...

This is awesome - whatever it takes! The toddler plate on top of the (closed) toilet seat is hilarious!! And amen to those pouches - although Rhys usually wants another as soon as he sucks the first one down!

Cheltz said...

Hilarious! I wonder why he will eat in the tub? Feels less trapped, bored? Forced?