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Monday, August 20, 2012

Wish I Never Had To Write This Post...

I had the biggest Mommy fail last week
 and I am just ready to talk about it.
Well, not really to be honest, but I guess I will.
It all started off with me taking a shower with the intention that the hubs was watching C,
I was...
It was...
with no sound but the water hitting the shower floor.
Pure bliss.
Until about 5 minutes in when,
the bathroom door is flung open and in parades a toddler.
A toddler with a cute little chair.
Chit chatting away.

A chair, like this one,
but it was blue and of course Thomas the Train

I slide back the shower door to say "hi" in my ridiculous high pitch mommy voice,
and see him sitting on his knees toward the back of the chair with a huge grin on his face.
He looked simply adorable.
We proceeded to chat for about another minute,
I hear him fall from his chair and start crying hysterically.
Like no other cry I have ever heard.
I hop out of the shower and turn him over,
only to see a head wound open before my every eyes
and then blood gushing and gushing from his poor little precious head.

Needless to say I panicked.
Panicked like my mind stopped working.
All I could do was scream for my husband in the living room.
Like blood curdling,
major freak out,
get your a** in your scream.

He came in there quickly,
but it seriously felt like 5 minutes,
saw the head wound,
and immediatly applied pressure and took him from me.

Mind you I was naked because I was in the shower previously,
but could not think of what to do next,
I  pacing back and fourth doing absolutly nothing until I tell my husband
"you have to tell me what to do"
and then I just hear "get dressed, get dressed".
Before I know it he is out there door saying he is going to the hospital and I just say ok.

I ran around the house throwing who knows what into my bag,
thinking of stuff my little baby loves and will comfort him,
looking like...
well a person who litterally jumped out of the shower, mid-shower.

I met him at the hospital
what felt like hours later,
and my Mama heart shattered into a million piece.
They finally stitched his head up with a total of 6 stitches
and my baby is brand new again.

My heart has never hurt so much
from seeing my little baby in so much pain.
There was nothing I could do,
but to watch and see him like that.

The whole experience was horrible.
You should never have to see your child's skull
or see him look at you like C looked at me.

His little fall could have been much worse.
It totally put things in perspective for me.
God was trying to tell me something and he totaally has my attention.

What I am trying to say here in my lenghty story is a couple things:
1. Don't buy your child this chair
He has tipped over in it several times previously,
however never hurt himself,
that should have been my red flag.
These chairs are very tippy and not tollder safe.

2. Even though you are two steps away from your child,
the unthinkable can happen to them.

3. Don't panic in panic-y situations.
Nothing good can come from it.
Slap yourself, sack it up and go what is best for your child.

4. Have an "emergency plan".
We didn't and it totally kicked us in the a**.
What I didnt tell you about is how the hubs and I both got lost on the way to the hospital.
We didnt have an address or anyting.
Again, the panic set in and we couldn't think.

Don't panic,
be prepared.


Karen said...

I"m glad he is ok. I am the same way...I totally panic and freeze in those situations. My son busted his lip falling off of a chair and I was a wreck. They are just so fast!

Sondra said...

So glad sweet C is okay. I bet the whole thing was worse for mommy. Hey he got a cool new pair of shades at the hospital and what boy doesn't like a good battle wound?! ;) Totally agree about having an emergency plan. I haven't stopped thinking about that since our conversation the other night. Oh, and this was no mommy fail...just an accident. Don't be too hard on yourself!

the workaholic momma said...

Oh goodness....I am so glad he is ok!!! How scary!! Thanks so much for sharing and for the tips-we don't have a plan in place but clearly need to do that-Addie is all over the place all the time!! Sending hugs to you guys:)

Lindsey said...

Glad he is ok! I was wondering what had happened to him. Did you contact the manufacturer of the chair? If enough people report injuries it will be recalled. Take action so other mothers don't have to go through what you did!

Gina said...

Oh the poor thing! I'm happy he's okay! Yes, definitely report that chair.

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

Oh, how scary for a momma! But please don't think of it as a Mommy-fail. Accidents happen, especially with 2 year olds. It's just the nature of kids growing up. I know that doesn't make your heart hurt less. I slammed Q's thumb in the door - 2 weeks before her surgery no less - and felt absolutely sick to my stomach. That thing swelled up and looked terrible for weeks. Every time I saw it, I just felt guilty. But things happen. Keep your head up, Momma! So glad he's ok. I promise you're hurting more now than he is.

REBrown said...

Oh no! I had to get stitches in my lips when I was about his age due to a bad playground accident. My scar has completely gone away and you can't even tell I had anything happened to me.

Anonymous said...

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