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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Fist Pumped in Preschool

You see,
I am bit of a reserved person.
When I get a little too much of the mommy juice into me,
that is a different story.
So, when last week's rendition of a
Jersey Shore episode
happened in my son's preschool room
people probably thought that I may have been drinking
at my 8-5 job.
But nope,
C's teacher gave me some great news.
She started off by saying he had a "GREAT DAY!"
which I of course thought was fantastic  but didn't get what her point was until she says
and??? and what?!
She got this big smile on her face and said that
"he wanted to sit on the potty"
I never thought I would hear those words come out of her mouth.
Glorious sweet words.
She made my whole week/month!
I seriously wanted to grab her face and kiss her forehead.
I refrained.
And that is where the fist pumping and dancing came in along with some "shut ups" from me.
All right then and there, Snookie and JWoww style, in his preschool class room.
Because hell yes!
My baby is on his way to potty training!!! 


Vicki said...

Haha - fist pumping is perfectly acceptable when it's for such a good reason ;)

Mandy Rose said...

Go COLBY!! HAHA! Fist pump away girl...totally worthy! This post cracked me up!