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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So What Wednesday::Link Up::

So What Wednesday
It's Wednesday!
And I totally need this
vent sesh so thanks Shannon
for hosting this link up.
So here we go...
So What.....
-if I fed my toddler Lucky Charms when the hubs was out of town this week.
What the hubs doesn't know wont kill me him.
-when the hubs is out of town I play survival of the fittest.
Yep, I just said that.
-if my toddler had at least 2 major melt downs this morning all before 8:00 AM.
I will still have a good day.
I will still have a good day.
I can do this.
And yes, I have to keep telling myself that.
Mama needs praise and words of affirmation too.
-if we had a code brown in the tub.
Why does this sh*t happen when I am single mom-ing it??!
-if I am exhausted every single night and im bed before 9:00
Again this single mom-ing it stuff sucks!
I take back all those things that I said to my husband that he doesn't chip in.
He does, he does!
-if I am going to brag on myself and my blog for a minute,
because I was featured on The Cleverist Facebook Fan Page!! 
And I think thats pretty cool.
-if I got asked to be in a commercial this week.
Maybe this Mama and her blog will go to Hollywood baby.
Dont worry, ill bring all my faithful followers along.
-if I am trying to calendar in when I can possibly have
Again, its going to happen.
Just not sure when.
I dont have time in my schedule to have one.
Its a shame.
-that is 69 degrees here in Florida
and I think its chilly.
Cardigans here I come!
-if I am going to start planning out my fall wardrobe this weekend.
It will consist of new flats, some long sleeve shirts, a couple new sweaters,
and a new jacket.
I love living in Florida,
60 degrees is cold enough for me.
Why do people enjoy getting bundled up?
I just don't get it.
A sweater and jacket is about all we need here.
Love it!!


Sondra said...

LOL We are so on the same page this week. I totally need to start doing this link up....great venting tool! Haha

Unknown said...

what??? asked to be in a commercial, that's awesome!!!
I've been not so excited for the fall weather... but if it involves a new fall wardrobe... humm... maybe I can get on board with that :) And so jealous you live in florida. I live in NC so not super cold up here, but it's no FLA!
Leah @ Lovely Life of Leah

Crispin said...

girl i relate, i relate, i relate :)

Vicki said...

Is it bad that I can relate to some of these and I'm not even a mommy?!

Brandy Bruce said...

Um, code brown?? That's freaking hilarious!! :) And as for lucky charms, that's like an everyday meal at my house. Great list!! Hope you'll hop over and check out my So What's too!

Shannon Dew said...

Oh honey we've had code brown more times than I care to admit! What is it w/these toddlers?! And Lucky Charms?! I'm coming to your house for breakfast!

Elizabeth said...

Oh girl mommy meltdowns are good for the soul sometimes!
I miss Florida fall or lack there of sometimes!
I will be trying your dinner in the tub idea tonight for my picky eater