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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wine Time

There is no denying that I am a wine-o.
It's a known fact really.
I like to call it my Mommy Juice.
Sounds much better right?
So, when Shespeaks contacted me regarding
reviewing Arbor Mist's new wine products.
I was so ecstatic!
I could not wait to get that package in the mail.
When it came it was packed with pure deliciousness.
In fact, when I opened the box I heard angels singing.
Maybe because I was already a bit intoxicated??
That is besides the point.
So what was in this box that was so fabulous you ask?
Oh just several, actually 6 to be exact...yes 6!!
of Arbor Mist's New Frozen Wine Cocktails!
And seriously these babies did not disappoint.
I am a Merlot kinda girl so I quickly through the sweet nectar into the freezer
and enjoyed later that evening.
It was perfect and oh so easy to make.
How much easier could throwing it into the freezer for a couple of hours,
gently massage, and pour into your glass.
Which after having several drinks, easy is what you need right?
You know what I love about these are that they are different.
They would be perfect to bring to a party, especially a BBQ or even a day at the beach.
We especially enjoyed them on a hot summery Florida night on our back porch.
Maybe even to add a fun touch too them,
throw them in a frosted wine glass with a fun paper straw.
Arbor Mist's Frozen Wine Cocktails come in 3 flavors
Blackberry Merlot
Strawberry White Zinfandel
White Pear Pinot Grigio
By the way,
it has the same alcohol content as regular wine.
So, go grab yourself some this weekend to enjoy.
*This is a sponsored post through Shespeaks and I was given the product to review, however these are my own personal opinions of the product.

1 comment:

Sondra said...

Love, love!! I love my mommy juice too and these sound perfect for our hot weather. Oh, and same alcohol content as regular wine...awesome for a premixed frozen treat! ;) Maybe we need a date to enjoy these together.