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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Family Foto Fancies::Fall Is In The Air::

It's October
and Fall is in the air.
It's time for pumpkins,
cold weather,
jackets, sweaters, scarves,
changing colors of the leaves,
and don't forget about your family photo shoot.
If you are local in the Tampa Bay Are,
the beautiful and talented Christina Higman can book a shoot for you.
Her photos would beautiful on the annual Christmas card.
I have put together some fall inspired outfits for the whole family.
And what is great is that the outfits all coordinate
without being too matchy.
 Notice the yummy fall colors.


Fall Photoshoot

Fall Photoshoot by cheryl-enlow featuring skinny leg jeans

The "adult" look is probably my favorite.
The boots add the extra kick of a Fall flare.

Every couple should have a nice photo of two of them.
A nice warm wool blanket would add a perfect romantical touch to this fall photoshoot.

Kids Fall Photoshoot Fashions

Kids Fall Photoshoot Fashions by cheryl-enlow featuring ballet flats

The kids look is pretty easy.
A nice sweater dress with some tights, and again boots, and long sleeves
will make any outfit feel like fall.

Wouldn't some frockling in a pumpkin patch be fun?!
The kids would love it and it would be ther perfect setting for a family shoot.

Please feel free to email Christina or I with any additional questions

or to book a shoot with Christina.

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