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Monday, October 8, 2012

Hair How To::Easy Sexy Curls::

Guess what it's Monday again!
Lord help me.
But what really gets my week kicked off right is one of my favorite link ups.
Its AP's Project Pinterest.
And seriously if this link up doesn't get my booty in gear to start doing some fun pins
then I dont know what will.
So here is what I am working on this week...
I love a good hair pin and tutorial,
and hopefully my
Easy Sexy Curls tutorial
can help you get some gorgeous super model bouncy curls.
It really is simple.
I must say, the secret is...
and these products right here.

1. A nice firm holding HAIRSPRAY
I use Garnier Fructis full control hairspray.
2. Herbal Essence MOOSE.
I use this only on my wet clean hair.
3. Brush.
4. Hair Clip
to section off the hair.

Step One.
If you have fresh clean hair,
blow dry it straight.
Put in a good amount of moose.
Remember you want "dirty" hair.
If your hair is already "dirty" and not freshly cleaned.
You are good to go.

Step Two.
Spray tons of hair spray all over your hair.
Section your hair so that you make sure you get each layer "dirty".

Step Three.
Section your hair into three sections.
Take the curling wand and a section of hair and place over the wand.
Grab a small section of the sectioned off hair and wrap it around the wand.

Step Four.
The hair should be wrapped the length of the wand.
Hold for several seconds.

Make sure you don't burn your finger tips.
Continue to do your hold head of hair in this manner.

Step Five.
Your whole head of hair should have small long curls all the way around your head.
Spray a good amount of hair spray on the curls.
Let the hair spray dry.

Step Six.
Brush out the curls.
This might be the most important step.
You will not completely brush out your curls.
I promise you.
Just make sure you just enough hair spray and they will stay.
Here is the finished product.
Sexy bouncy curls.
I get compliments on my hair daily and you will too with this tutorial.
Please feel free to ask me any questions
and good luck.
Now go link up with AP's fun Project Pinterest
You know you have some pins you wanna try out.
This is the perfect excuse.


Srk said...

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Sondra said...

Gorgeous Cheryl! You and I need to have a one on one training session. LOL I cannot ever get mine to do this!!

Jordan Rothwell said...

Love this. Just pinned it to hair!

Jen said...

Best link EVER!!! Seriously have the best hair. It always looks gorgeous :-)

Amanda Anderson said...

Great job! This is beautiful!

erica said...

love love love love! Thanks for the tutorial! I am doing my hair like this tomorrow. xo

Kar @allmylove.mommy said...

Gorgeous curls!!

Kristi said...

Oh the secret's out! Since my awesome b-day bag of goodies, I've been all about these curls!

Cajun Cowgirl said...

So pretty! You've got great hair for this. I'm not sure my fine hair would hold!!

Jordan Rothwell said...

Little did I know I'd need this because Jenny broke my straight iron last night haha looks like I'm curling wanding it until Christmas!

Connie said...

Hi Cheryl: I'm Connie at, a new GFC friend. I would love if you stop by and be mine, too.
Your hair looks wonderful in curls.