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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Little Green Pouch & Giveaway

There is this new and amazing kids product that I want to keep to myself.
My little secret.
But to be honest, this product is too good not to share with my most amazing readers and followers.
And I am not good at secrets anyways.

This revolutionary product will not only make you seem like the
savviest, up to date Mama,
but your wallet will thank you.

This new product I am talking about is...

You know all those super expensive fruit and veggie pouches you buy.
You buy them because you want your sweet face to be happy and most important healthy.
Well, now your child can be happy, healthy and Mama has some extra moo la in her wallet
for those extras that come up in life.

are reusable food food pouches.

The Little Green Pouch has so many great features that help out all of us busy Mama's
who want the freshest products for their children.

They are...

and they even have the ounces labeled on the pouch
so you can see how much you are giving your child.
Oh, and it even has a place where you can write your child's name on it!
Easy huh?!

Seriously this might be the best product out there right now.
I am so sick of buying those expensive pouches but have no other choice.
Pouches are the only way my sweet face will eat any sort of veggie.

Well, now I can make them myself for next to nothing.

They are so easy to make.
Go here to find recipes,
make them,
fill 'em up with either a spoon or funnel (you can purchase the funnels on their website).
And now you have a healthy meal or snack for your sweet face.

The best part is that the generous ladies over at Little Green Pouch
are giving away one lucky Nap Time Is The New Happy Hour reader
a 4 pack of Little Green Pouch.
So, you can try them out for yourself.

Good luck!
I promise you that you will not be dissappointed and soon you will be telling all your friends about them.


Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

It has a zipper seal?! I was wondering how I would get the food in the little spout - but the zipper seal on top is genius. I make all of Ben's baby food and we've come to a point where I've been buying the pouches because he can feed himself, eats more out of the pouches, and they are less messy - I legit was thinking, "Man, someone needs to start selling the pouches empty!" And here they are.

Dani said...

Something new and fun from their website: They are having an instructional video contest and you can win 12 free pouches!

Eric and Jess said...

Love! That this is dishwasher and freezer safe :)

Eric and Jess said...

I love that these are dishwasher and freezer safe!!! So excited to have found this product!

Eric and Jess said...

Love! That this is dishwasher and freezer safe :)

Sara McFall said...

They have a recipe section and you can even submit your own recipes! I am loving this product! Thanks for sharing!!

Unknown said...

They are all sold out right now, but you can be on their waiting list!

sweeteuphoria said...

kids dont think twice before diving into these! they look just like the real thing :) WE LOVE THESE!