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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mommy Confessions

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Today is all about Mommy Confessions.
And yes, I have a lot of confessions but the real questions is,
do I really want to blow the horn on myself??
So let me start of small.
Baby names.
I am talking about picking out that perfect name for your sweet, precious, gift of life, child.
A name that you love and cherish.
This will be your child's name for the rest of their life.
So it needs to be something amazing right?!
Like make all your friends jealous that they didn't think of that name.
Ya got me?!
Well, can I just tell you that I am not even pregnant yet
(for the second go around obviously)
and talking second baby names with the hubs makes me burn inside.
Every time I hear that perfect name and mention it to him.
What do you know he hates it.
He shoots down my names because he says
"well I know someone who has that name and I don't like him/her"
Ok fine.
I get that.
To a certain degree.
But when he starts in on the
"I know someone who has that name and it reminds me of a time when..."
That is when my eyes start to roll and my blood begins to boil.
Because not only are they the most ridiculous situations I have heard heard in my toddlers life.
But because they go something like this....
"I know someone who has that name and
they used to make tuna sandwich's in the office and it smelled."
What the F*c*?
Are you serious?
That is the reason you don't like this
nothing but perfection name that I want to name our sweet child?
I obviously think this name is "it".
I get that AHA moment and feel so proud of myself.
And can already see monograms dancing in my head.
But it gets the can all because of TUNA.
I want my husband to be part of the name process
but give me some valid arguments please.
If not, I am going to use my own petty plea of
"well you named our first child so I get to name the second one"
When in all reality we did agree on C's name,
but he is the one who picked it out.
So hubs,
get it together and either come up with that perfect name,
but do not come at me with the tuna argument again,
or any other fish in the sea or sandwich.


Sondra said...

Bahahaaa!! You kill does Jared! But I totally get where he's coming from (okay, well maybe not the tuna sandwich one). Marc and I had both boy and girl names picked out for years but then when I was pregnant with Maya we met someone who had our girl name and she was the most awkward looking (sorry) person and had the most awkward personality and it totally ruined our perfectly picked out for years name and it was back to the drawing board. LOL In the end I'm glad though b/c I think Maya's name fits her perfectly!

Shannon Dew said...

OMG I am DYING! TUNA?! Hilarious! J said we couldn't use the name Jackson/Jack b/c so and so that he went to high school with used it...umm...have I met them? NO! So who cares! Yeah needless to say the same situation goes on around here! Good luck to both of us 2nd time around! Whew!

Crispin said...

Girl! Your speaking my language! My hubs is the SAME way..... Especially with girl names. Hah, but ill even take it one step further---- every girl name i like, he says, " That sounds like a stripper!!!" Grrrrrr...... men.

KatyK said...

Popping over from the link up. My ex and I fought for months about our daughter's name. I had her perfect name picked out when I was 16 and he HATED it. He also couldn't come to grips with the fact that she was REALLY a girl.

Luckily I'm ok with the name we settled on and I think it fits her well. But if I had to hear one more time how he once knew a girl who liked him but was a slut butt and she had that name I was going to hurt someone.

Ashley McCardia said...

AHHH i feel you totally on this one! i hate picking names. we are ttc as well...and names are the best part...except for when you involve your hubs. lol

stopping by from the link up!


Leigh said...

Unfortunately I think with our 2nd, I was this exact way with my boyfriend! Haha, then he got clever and dropped his favorite on me when our son was born and what do you know, he got the name he really wanted! ;)

Megan B.B. said...

Hahaha that's amazing! My best friend is always the name shooter-downer in my life, randomly. I'm exactly like you- already planning names for #2 (not even close to being PG) and I'll mention a gorgeous name, and she'll be like, "oh I knew a ___ once and she was a total twat."
Oh, cool. Thanks. You just called my unborn future baby a twat.
My husband is easy going- but we'll see when the time comes. :)
Thanks for linking up! I love your confession!
Megan @

Rhonda said...

well, hey - at the end of the day, you're the one who fills out the birth certificate. ;)

Ashley said...

Oh man this is hilarious.

It'd be different if he said "No because I knew this ax murderer once and he yanno... killed people."

LOL but not picking a name because of Tuna is kinda of hilarious!


Anissa said...

LOL...too funny. We were so wishy washy that NONE of the 10 final names we picked out worked. We didn't name Hailey till she was a day old.

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Hahahaha this. is. awesome. I'm dying with the making-all-your-friends-jealous-that-they-didn't-think-of-the-name. SO TRUE! This entire post is too funny and so relatable. Tuna sandwiches!!!! HAHAHA!

We have the same issue in our house. My husband was VERY particular about boys names, and whenever girls names come up, he always picks stripper names or 80s names. I wish I could remember his most recent girl name idea, but it was ridiculous.

Don't even get me started on the time, back when I was pregnant, that he half seriously suggested we name the baby, "Bo" and then a few hours later, said that he wanted the baby to have his name as the middle name. My husband's name is Derek. He wanted to name the baby Bo Derek.

Jillian Nicole said...

Before my son Dylan was born my husband had decided on Payton. Clearly that did not stick. Then we were having our little girl I liked Samantha, but when we saw her we thought Sydney more suited her.
I am following you from FB hop and your blog now.
I would love for you to follow back.