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Friday, October 19, 2012

My Friday's Fancies::Costumes::


Catwoman by cheryl-enlow featuring maison michel

I am going to have to admit
that I am not a huge Halloween girl.
I was not too pumped when AV mentioned the theme of the week.

Of course I was into it when I was younger but the idea
of dressing up as an adult just sounds plain torturous to me.

However, once I got designing my outfit
I had so much fun with it!
This is Catwoman
and boy is she decked out in designer apparel!
I would totally be Catwoman if I could dress in this!

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Rachel @ lala Lists said...

Love this costume!!

Andrea {Yesterday's Tomorrow} said...

I love this! Cat woman is the ultimate in cool :) Have a great day!

xoxo andrea

Nicole said...

Love the lace peplum! Definitely something you can work into your closet long after Halloween :)

Betsy said...

if you had fun designing it, imagine how much fun you'll have wearing it! go girl :)

Wendy Sice said...

Love your choice of outfit - no frumps here! :)

Kristen said...

Love this! You pulled together perfect pieces for Catwoman!

Nicole Rene said...

Haha cute outfit!!! :)

xoxo Nicole Rene
Simply Savannah Events

REBrown said...

I would wear some of those on a day besides Halloween.

Lindsay K {lastyearoftwentysomething} said...

Love the catwoman outfit! Sexy and fierce at the same time! :)

Mree said...

That is a fantastic costume, love the boots!!

Rachieboo823 said...

I'm not a big catwoman fan but I do love this set!

Rachel said...

Great costume- easy to make and flattering too! And, as a new mom, I love your blog title ;)

Lindsay said...

Oh la la! I'm loving this! I'm kinda drooling over that lacy peplum top!

Jennifer Eva said...

Hi Cheryl.
Would you like to follow each other?
If so here is my blog.

Sarah said...

YES! I was so jealous of Anne during the movie - she was SO hot! I totally agree with this costume.