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Friday, October 12, 2012

My Friday's Fancies::Fall Fashion::

Fall Fashion

So I hear fall is in the air.
Is this true?
Because it's still 90 degrees here in Florida.
This week is all about fall fashions.
And as you can see this outfit is a bit of a Florida fall fashion.
What I love about this outfit is its "chic-ness" and the snuggly winter white.
And cords are the perfect winter pant.
Don't you just love this outfit?
I think its perfect.
Well at least for this Florida girl.


Sondra said...

OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!! I am in love with this!! The sweater, the scarf, the blazer....well, all of it!

REBrown said...

Love that scarf!

Blue Dog Belle said...

LOVE this. Such a chic fall color palette

xo, Emily

Jordan Rothwell said...

You need to become a stylist :) I have an idea......

(Of course I do)

Nicole said...

Haha. Your Florida comment cracked me up! I so know how it goes up here in Atlanta, too! Love the blazer you picked. Looks great with the polka dots!

Breenah said...

Ooh, pretty!