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Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Pregnant Driver's License Photo

This is my DL pic.
Yep, its hideous!
I get it people.
So when I hand over my DL to you to check my
just look at my DOB.
No need to check out my fugly picture.
And please, please don't do that face at me.
Ya know, the raised one eyebrow, tilted head to the side,
look at me,
look at the pic,
is this really the same girl?
Yeah that one.
In fact,
I am screaming profanities at you in my head.
Just hand over my ID, Debit Card, and ALCOHOL.
Because lets get real,
I came to the store to load up on some mommy juice
not judgmental looks.
Yes, I took this picture when I was eight months pregnant
I decided it would be a good idea to dye my hair dark brown
and chop it off.
Again, I get it.
I went off the deep end a little bit.
But no need for your judgies.
Just give me my alcohol people!
Next time when I get pregnant hopefully my face wont
swell up to the size of Kim Kardashians ass
and I won't have any crazy hair brained Britney Spears ideas.
Isn't this second photo much better.
I wish the DMV let you pick your own picture.
I guess its not Glamour Shots.
But seriously,
wouldn't that be awesome!


Anne U @ hot coffee mama said...

That's funny. I was also about ready to pop with my first for my driver license photo, oh well.

Sondra said...

LOL...oh my gosh. You are killing me!!

Karen said...

So funny! Love this post!

Camille said...

my DL pic was taken the day before my daughter was face was beyond puffy.



JMS said...

This is making me laugh on a down day! Apparently in NJ you aren't supposed to smile in the DL photos anymore- now those are going to be some good looking shots!

Jennifer @ Pushing the Lemons said...

That is hysterical. My DL photo looks like a mug shot. And it is all up close and personal...lovely! And the preggo face puff?? I rocked that look all 3 times!

Movin Momma said...

Haha! What is so funny is I have kept my FL (despite moving to another state) DL because I LOVE my picture!