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Thursday, November 1, 2012

From Toddlers to Mail In Ballots

I Cheryl, am a neurotic person.
Whew, I said it.
Well, I have probably said it before and I am actually very confident
 in telling everyone I am a slightly, boarder line, bat shit crazy.

First my boarder line OCD-ness started off with how my home was kept.
No toddler stringing Cheerios all over the house,
no mysterious drops of juice or milk or whatever that sticky spot let is
strategically dispersed throughout the home.
Nope, just the Hubs and I and our Min Pin, Max.
That's it.
Perfect kitchen, with the count tops wiped down every night, not a dish in the sink, the floors spic and span, the mirrors and windows sparking.
Ya know, Martha Stewart type of clean.

Then once my Sweet Face was here the bat shitty-ness stepped it up a notch.
It was now a new set of issues that I could obsess about.
From sterilizing bottles to make sure there was zero germs, to the terrifying junky breathing,
 is he getting sick, what if I give him peanut butter to early,
well that's not organic he shouldn't eat that, is the bath water too warm,
am I spending enough time with him, will he hate me if I work and don't stay home with him,
what happens at day care, are they taking good enough care of him.
Oh the endless questions, guilt, and mental exhaustion.

Well from my Pre-Baby OCD-ness to my now present
off the rocker, brain clenching crazy,
I have taken this to now an even higher level.
I have taken on a new twist into my craze.

Ya know about that election that is right around the corner.
I'm not sure if you have heard about it or not but it's a pretty big one from what I hear.
Well my friends,
I voted.
By mail.
Or did I?


Well would it surprise to tell you that my ballot has been
completed, sealed and signed for more than a week.
Well why is it not mailed yet you ask?
Well because I feel that if I just drop it into my mailbox than someone is going to snatch it out,
and if I drop it of at the USPS than there are
too many people that will run across my specific ballot and
maybe toss it, shred it or do gosh who knows what with it?
And if I drop it off at the actual the local library or drop off spot well then
are they qualified to put it in the right spot to even get it picked up and counted.
My mind goes ninety miles an hour on the endless possibilities of my vote not getting counted.

So, I guess I need to decide what I am going to do.
Who am I going to trust the most?
Why, oh why do I have to be so crazy?
It gets exhausting I tell ya.

With all this being said please go out and vote!



Anonymous said...

HAH, I had this same talk with someone today! Who knows if my ballot got there haha yikes

meghan said...

If it makes you feel any better, I thought the same exact thing the other day!