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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Minted Holiday Cards

Ok, ok
you have done it again.
I simply can not resist your gorgeous products.
What is with me and pretty papery?
I don't know what I just can't have enough of it.
And gorgeous holiday cards that have glittery letter-ing.
Ugh, stop it Minted,
seriously stop it.
My poor bank account.

Not to mention a Christmas card strictly with my sweet face on it.
Yes please,
because lets get real,
who wants to see our mugs when you can see a cutie pie like C.

But if we must opt for a family pic I love this one.
So simple but yet gorgeous.

I love the fun whimsical colors on this one.

Or new newsletter-ish look is pretty cool too.
Seriously Minted does it again!


Lili said...

i ordered from them this yr and i am more than satisfied!

Sarah said...

Minted and tiny prints get me every year

Helene said...

so cute! I love minted! they have the best stuff!

Becky {This Is Happiness} said...

Hi there! Minted is so great! I have a thing for paper products too! Over from Mom's Monday Mingle and now following :) Excited to look around a bit!