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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mommy Confessions

I need Mommy Confessions like I need my typical confessions on Sunday.
So thank you Heather at Cookies for Breakfast for this linky party.
It makes me feel not so alone and my heart feels a lot lighter
 without having to carry these ridiculous mommy secrets.
Today I am going to tell ya about my obsession with hoarding mini sized articles of clothing.

 I am a toddler clothes hoarder.
C is two.
I have clothes for him up until he is 7.
Yes, 7.
If I find a good deal, I just can not pass it up.
Target gets me every single time.
And when Old Navy has their 40% off sales,
I have to pick up a couple of things to add to his collection.
It's the bargain shopper in me.
How am I supposed to pass up $2.00 shirts and only a couple more dollars for shorts?!

Although I am a toddler clothes hoarder,
I do not just pick up junk.
I have some parameters for my hoarding.
Like nothing too "in" because in all reality when he gets around to wearing it it may be out of style.
So I get the basics.
T Shirts, jeans, shorts, socks, jackets, undies.
The necessities.

I have his full wardrobe up until he is 4.
Like he does not need a single item.
Actually his 4T wardrobe is pretty kick booty.
I have some awesome pieces and can't wait until he fits into them.
Plaids, seersucker and hats, oh my!

Seriously if my hubs new what was lurking under C's bed he would flip.
He is the complete opposite of hoarding.
To the extreme of throwing everything in site out.
This time my hoarding has/will save us money.
But for some reason I don't think he would see it that way.

So there ya have it.
My mommy confession of the week.


Karen said...

I do the same thing! My son is 2 and I have a bin of size 5's already :)

kaizengirl said...

Oh no! I can already feel this habit coming on...and I'm not even quite to 9 mos. pregnant yet!

Hey, you can never have too many socks, right? :-)

Di said...

I have clothes through then as well. Not by choice though. My sister has handed strewn most of my nephews clothes to me. I'm running out of room!

Ashley said...

This is not a bad thing though! You won't be spending a ton of money like I'm having to because my kiddo has grown out of everything!!

I really need to start doing this!

Megan B.B. said...

Look at you! I think that's awesome! Hey, if you're saving money in the long run, I don't know why your husband would be pissed. :)
Thanks for linking!
Megan @

Whitney Alison said...

I think if you're saving money its not a bad thing at all. Boomer was the first grandbaby on my side and I didn't NEED to buy her clothing until she was was crazy.

Becky said...

I am jealous! I do find myself buying anything and everything on sale/clearance, so when I have to buy something full price, I get really nervous. In the city where I live, we have really good consignment shops and sales, that I rarely have to pay full price for anything!

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Ohemgeeeeee I love it!!!! I am always eyeing "for the future" clothes for Benjamin, but I've been able to restrain myself for the most part. Though I have THEEE most adorable seersucker blazer for next summer.

So thrilled that you're enjoying the linkup - we're psyched to have you linking up every week! :)