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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mommy Confessions

Every week that I link up I always sing the Usher "Confessions" song in my head.
I just can't help it.
Ya gotta admit its pretty catching.

But anyways, onto my mommy confessions this week.

-I must confess that I desperately need a couple days off work.
I am completely and totally swamped at work and need a break.
It's really not much of a break when you are doing work on your days off but whatever, ill take it.
At least I can do it from home.
I need family time and what snuggling I can get from my sweet face.
Oh and a sabbatical.
Maybe that's what ill ask for for Christmas.
Santa please, I have been a good girl.

-I was all pumped to go to Blissdom this year until recently.
I don't know what got into me but I have no desire to go.
Zip, zero, zilch motivation to do the blogging conference thing in 2013.
I am all about vacations and time away but a blogging conference is just not a vacation.
It's actually quite draining.
Although I had a great time and met some great people last year, I came back sick as a dog,
had a huge work pile on my desk and missed my sweet face like crazy.
So, hopefully instead of the whole Blissdom rigmarole I can get away the some fellow
blogging Mama's that I have been dying to meet IRL.

-I am so ready for Christmas and am bursting of excitement to give C's Santa gifts to him already.
Its not even Thanksgiving yet and I want to give him everything.
He has been a very good boy.
Can we just skip the whole hoopla of Thanksgiving and go right to putting of the Christmas tree
and Santa doling out pressies?
I promise to thank God for my amazing blessings he has given me.

-Holy doctor mess.
I have been to the doctors (all different ones) a total of 4 times in a week period.
And not for C, for me.
I do this every year and it about kills me.
I try to cram in all my doctors appointments at the end of the year to make sure I am one healthy Mama.
But why oh why do I do that to myself.
As much as I love to get jabbed with needs, poked to the eye balls, spend tons of money on meds,
I am over it.
Bye bye money.
Nice knowing you right before Christmas.


REBrown said...

I almost always sing Usher too when I read these "These are my confessions...."

Jules said...

After reading your confessions, I am seriously considering going and deleting my Next to your confessions, mine really does look awful...yikes!

Megan B.B. said...

I sing Usher too. And I'm jealous that you're going to Blissdom because you get to meet my BBF Heather, but I also get that it is exhausting- it totally looks like it would be.
Thanks for linking up!
Megan @

Ashley said...

Haha I'm so ready to give my kid all his gifts I've purchased all waiting to get some in the mail! I feel so accomplished being done shopping and being able to enjoy the whole month!

Girl you need a break take you one! Hide in a closet or lock yourself in the bathroom lol

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Ahhh Blissdom!!!! You haaaaaaaave to go!!!!!! I'm going and I'm super excited (minus the heart attack I'm having about spending all that money for a blog conference, when my blog makes zero dollars and I don't have a job - ha!). Please go!!!! :)

Thanks for linking up again!!